Fiji nurses flock to RMI

tw-pic-1-27Journal 1/31/1975

P3 Shamed into paying? The Economic Development Loan Fund board has asked for an opinion from the TT attorney general’s office on the question of making public the names of borrowers over 90 days delinquent in pay backs. Public opinion, it is argued, would be an added inducement to force pay backs.

P4 Hanil awarded second phase on Jaluit project Hanil Construction, a Korean firm, has been awarded the second phase for construction of the high school on Jaluit Atoll. Jaluit is expected to be designated  a sub-district center of the Marshalls in the near future.

P4 Marshalls construction off Local construction work in the Marshalls is down, according to an industry spokesman. At least 50 workers, mostly Micronesian, are expected to be laid off in the near future.

P9 Yes this is Majuro, 1975 Cable TV for the district center should be a reality within a few short weeks. The service will cost $15 monthly and will begin with eight hours of programming nightly — color yet!

Journal 1/31/1992

P1 It’s a go It took 14 months to complete, but the remedial repair work on the capital building in Majuro is set to finish in a matter of days and construction to resume shortly, said Marshall Islands Development Authority Manager Howard Zeder. More than 400 pilings were driven into the ground under the two-building complex to provide a firm foundation for the heavy structure. The partially completed administration building will be “jacked up” onto the new supports beginning next week. Once complete, actual construction will resume.

P4 Stopping terrorists Soon adults will be paying an additional $5 and kids $2 to leave the Marshall Islands by plane. The government recently decided to charge the fee in addition to the $10 departure tax for airport security to prevent “acts of terrorism,” which are a concern to the government and airport officials.

P4 Majuro story How about a room at the Sun Hotel? That hotel gets more free publicity now that it doesn’t exist. We stumbled across a government brochure published to promote the Marshalls and there was the Sun Hotel with a “soon to open” not. Then there’s the Sun ad in the most recent edition of the Marshall Islands Guidebook showing how it will look in 1990. It’s listed as opening in April 1990. Even NTA’s new phone directory has a listing for the Sun. So maybe there’s hope yet that something will happen. Give a call to their number, 3037 and see what you learn.

Journal 1/31/2003

P5 Fiji nurses eager to work at Majuro hospital Fijian nurses are flocking to Majuro hospital because of higher pay and better working conditions. According to Fiji Daily Post, 10 senior nurses from Fiji’s Colonial War Memorial Hospital have resigned to take up jobs in Marshall Islands, where they make nearly three times their pay in Fiji.

P20 Majuro’s Mr. Basketball Producing order and organization out of energy and enthusiasm is the  mission of basketball coach James Liou, who has been working with Ajeltake Elementary School students and started this week with Majuro Coop School. Coach Liou, who is provided by the Taiwan Embassy to the Marshall Islands, is available to assist local schools and teams to improve basketball skills.

P24 Use available resources Proving the resourcefulness of Marshallese, after falling overboard from the Mercy K near Kwajalein, Bajo Tibon took off his trousers and stuck a couple of ‘two-by-fours’ into the legs to create a raft, helping him to survive for 14 hours.