Idyllic No More

Pacific Island Climate, Corruption and Development Dilemmas

‘Idyllic No More’ is an excellent resource for stimulating discussion in classes, and for readers interested in contemporary Pacific island issues.

Idyllic No MoreCan Pacific nations, endowed with islands of travel poster beauty, vibrant cultures, and centuries old ways of life based on sustainable practices, hurdle significant development and political challenges they face today — in addition to withstanding climate change and rising sea levels? Author Giff Johnson* offers a series of essays about the looming climate threat, sustainable development and the region’s multi-billion dollar tuna industry, the U.S. nuclear test legacy in the Marshall Islands, and the impact of out-migration, ‘Idyllic No More’ addresses the often difficult problems and choices facing the Pacific islands today.
* Giff Johnson is the editor of the Marshall Islands Journal

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Don’t Ever Whisper

Darlene Keju: Pacific Health Pioneer, Champion for Nuclear Survivors

Darlene empowered women, young people, and their communities to take control of their own health and economic well being.

Don't Ever WhisperGiff Johnson’s* book tells the powerful story of a woman from a tiny Pacific island who championed the cause of nuclear weapons test survivors and later implemented unparalleled community health programs that gave hope to a generation of troubled youth. Don’t Ever Whisper is the stirring account of Marshall Islander Darlene Keju’s struggle to gain an American education and to use that education first to expose to the world a United States government cover up of its nuclear weapons testing program in her islands, and later to inspire young Marshall Islanders to make changes in their personal behavior to transform the health of their communities.
* Giff Johnson is the editor of the Marshall Islands Journal

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