Don’t mess with the prosecutor’s wife!

TW-pic-4-21Journal 4/18/1975

P4 Suva Conference wants US to halt interference in Marianas The Conference for a Nuclear Free Pacific which adjourned in Suva, Fiji last week plans to ask the United Nations to determine if the separatist Marianas District plebiscite scheduled to be held in June is a “legitimate” act of self-determination. The group said such action is necessary “in view of previous Trusteeship Council requests that the United States end its separate negotiations” with the Marianas and because of the lack of official United Nations supervision for the plebiscite. Micronesian delegates attended the Suva meeting, including two from the Marianas and Nelson Anjain from the Marshalls. A resolution adopted by the conference said that 96 percent of Tinian people said in a survey recently that nuclear weapons and poisonous gas “must not be permitted.”

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Journal 4/24/1992

P1 Waylon wins silver! The Marshalls’ first foray into international wrestling competition bore fruit as the two-man team won a silver medal last week in Western Samoa. Waylon Muller beat two Australians, a New Zealander and two Samoans on his way to putting the Marshalls on the map by winning the second spot in 180-pound competition, said coach Andrew Bing, who accompanied Muller and Andrew Stinnett to the Oceana Wrestling Championships.

P1 Koni comes back Davey Jones’ locker has claimed many a shipwrecked sailor. But thankfully, Koni Ishoda is not one of them. The young first-time fisherman was lost at sea for six months on a longline fishing vessel and returned to Majuro earlier this month after the long ordeal. Ishoda hooked a new job with the local longline fishing boat, Fu Chun Hsing, in August and headed out with seven other crew members. Soon after it started fishing, engine problems developed and the engineer was unable to fix the problem and the boat began drifting. It wasn’t until the end of February that they were picked up by a Korean fishing boat. Koni’s comment after returning to Majuro: “I’ve given up fishing. I’m going to get a job on land.”

P5 RMI scientists study fallout pattern Most of the field work for the government’s nationwide radiological study is expected to be completed by the end of the year, said the project’s director, Dr. Steve Simon. Survey staff have completed collection of soil and vegetation samples from 20 atolls and individuals islands.

P4 Watch out Last week the prosecutor, Jerry Messenbourg, filed charges against two young women for allegedly stealing and cashing a bunch of Marimed Foundation pay checks, including his wife Susan’s. Reminds us of the group of kids who burgled Judge Neil Rutledge’s home in Rita a while. We’re sure the kids got the message: Don’t mess with the judge. Well, the ladies will likely learn a lesson here, too: don’t rip off the prosecutor’s wife.

Journal 4/18/2003

P16 Teen issues concern principals What else is there to do on this island for teenagers expect drink and have sex? The harsh reality is that this was a comment by a high school junior. Several Majuro high school principals we talked to consider teen pregnancy and drinking as major problems for their schools. Whether it’s a public or religious high school, teen problems of drinking and pregnancy do not discriminate. In the past three years, local high schools say they re averaging two teen pregnancies per year, while teen drinking incidents range between five and 10.