Capital building cracks

TW-pic-12-25Journal 12/31/1974

P1 ICA plan for ‘reformulation’ would fatally distort distinguishing values of the islands A “Comprehensive Human Development Plan” for the Marshall Islands was recently prepared for public release in Majuro by a Chicago-based organization called the Institute for Cultural Affairs (ICA). The plan is a sweeping, ambitious formula for crash economic development in the Marshalls. The 88-point program calls for immediate, massive training programs in business and trade skills, vast expansion of shipping and credit, rapid creation of tourist, marine and agriculture industries, a volume-buying import scheme, preschools, prefabricated housing, and even town meetings.

P5 Bottling operation Acme Importers of Majuro is in the process of preparing a big while soda bottling machine for production. Acme says they will sell soda locally cheaper than imported soda.

Journal 12/28/1990

P1 The Trust is history The United Nations Trusteeship has been terminated by the UN Security Council, despite protests by the Marianas and Palau, bringing a collective sigh of relief to officials in Majuro. President Amata Kabua told the Journal that US President George Bush had given the Marshalls the “greatest Christmas present it has ever had. People will now understand that we are a nation.”

P5 IOIA announces essay contest winners UNICEF and Interior and Outer Island Affairs announced winners of an essay contest on the future of the Marshall Islands: Randy Anmontha, first; Lydia Riklon, second; Jason Langidrik, third. All are MIHS students.

P15 Capital cracks force halt to construction Construction work on the new capital building halted last Friday when it was found that the building had settled six inches causing concrete columns and beams to crack throughout the northern half of the administration wing. Three floors of the planned four-story building were in place when the settling was discovered last Friday.

Journal 12/24/1999

P1 Dorms a hellhole Majuro’s block cell jail — which is not noted for its amenities — provides better accommodations than Jaluit High School’s student dormitory, according to a parent of a JHS student.

P9 I’m from the Marshall Islands Recently appointed RMI Ambassador to the United Nations Jackeo Relang handed over his diplomatic credentials to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at a ceremony earlier this month in New York.

P12 PII sharpshooters PII players Deborah Kramer, LiBee Bani and Anela Pinho led an upset of second place Gibson’s Tuesday night to go into the championship against Momotaro’s this week in the basketball tournament at the ECC gym.

P28 THAT while Majuro hospital is out of some essential drugs, the Baptist Church Clinic in Laura has insulin, tylenol and flagyls (for amoebic dysentary)?

P28 THAT a dental hygienist on Saipan has warned against the cultural practice of chewing betel nut, saying it can cause health problems ranging from gum disease to oral cancer?