Upgrade for the ECC gym

tw-pic-6-24Journal 6/25/1976

P1 Decorated by Iroij Mo Shopping in Majuro may not be all that exciting in terms of exotic things to buy — but one store here certainly creates an exotic atmosphere in which to buy our staple items. The MR Store is located on the main road in Utirik Kan and has the soulful boast of being artfully decorated by Iroij Mo Jitiam of Mili, the store’s owner. A favorite of the store, when you can get them, is fresh baked donuts.

P6 MIECO closed Marshall Islands Import-Export Company (MIECO) was ordered closed Tuesday by a court order supporting an $8,000 judgment against the company awarded to J&G Company Guam. According to a MIECO spokesman the closing is temporary and the store should be reopened within a day or two.

P6 Coleman wants good example “Leadership by example” is the theme of Acting High Commissioner Peter Coleman’s administration. Coleman made that clear in a statement at the weekly meeting of his Cabinet officers. “We must rekindle in our public service the spirit of dedication, the spirit of service. And the only justification for being in this government is to serve the people and not to serve ourselves,” he said.

Journal 6/28/1991

P2 Tobolar 5 plead not guilty A group of five Marshallese men pleaded not guilty to charges of 15 counts of embezzlement from Tobolar Copra Processing Plant. A preliminary hearing on the charges was set for June 27.

P17 US, RMI disagree over Wake Is. The joint Marshall Islands-US defense talks in Majuro earlier this month produced the first signal from the US that it is willing to discuss the Marshalls long standing claim to Wake Island (Enenkio). Although US Ambassador William Bodde said the two sides had “agreed to disagree” on Wake, he said he is proposing that a “working committee” be established in Washington to deal with the issue.

Journal 6/30/2000

P2 Big leap for RMI sports The upgrading of the ECC gym in Majuro took a giant leap forward this week with the arrival of new basketball backboards and score clocks. Renovation work to weather-proof the facility and prepare it for Outrigger’s Micronesian Basketball Tournament next month is also in high gear, with Filipino Association construction volunteers completing second floor improvements and PII starting work on the gym’s roof.

P2 Kessai credits Imata for ROC $ President Kessai Note praised former President Imata Kabua on the final day of last week’s special Nitijela session. Note recognized Kabua for establishing ties with Taiwan while he was in office — diplomatic ties that led to the financial aid from the ROC that was appropriated by the Nitijela Friday for many development projects throughout the country.

P4 RMI joins nations on laundering list The Marshall Islands was among countries blacklisted last week by the G7, which is leading a campaign against money laundering around the world. The blacklisting of the Marshall Islands as a country that has failed to cooperate against international money laundering has upset local leaders.

P6 Falling out Well, Mr. Ji and Rien Morris no longer love each other. They had a falling out this week and Mr. Ji published an advertisement int he Journal complaining about Rien’s eating donuts during Nitijela session. After the ad was positioned to run, the Journal received a phone call from Ji telling us to be sure to print some extra copies. He said Senator Imata Kabua wanted to reserve 100 copies to send to Ebeye. What we wonder is where Rien gets the donuts. They must be pretty good to demand such attention.