FEMA to the rescue again

TW-pic-2-10Journal 2/14/1975

P1 Ebeye suddenly discovers 30-year old equipment wasn’t a good idea after all Trust Territory High Commissioner Edward Johnston has asked the US Federal Disaster Assistance Administration to declare a state of emergency to exist on Ebeye, due to a critical shortage now existing on the island. Ebeye is the home of over 8,000 islanders. The emergency situation was caused by a breakdown of 30-year-old distillation equipment installed on Ebeye last year, and an unusually sever seasonal dry period. Water is now being transported to Ebeye from Kwajalein Missile Range. The ability of Kwajalein to provide assistance is a short-term emergency measure. The entire Ebeye population is on water ration hours of 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon, with one and a half gallons for each resident daily.

P9 Fall guys Community College of Micronesia is now accepting applications for the 1975 Fall Quarter. “Fall,” for those of you who may not understand the term, refers to the period late-September to mid-December when trees shed their leaves (fall). Why this term is used out here in the Pacific is anyone’s guess.

Journal 2/14/1992

P1 FEMA again to the rescue President George Bush declared Majuro and four outer atolls disaster areas on Saturday, setting the stage for substantial US and Marshall Islands government assistance to families who experienced storm damage from Typhoon Axel. In addition to Majuro, Jaluit, Mili, Kili and Arno were declared disaster areas.

P6 Capitol building work back on track The PII/McConnell Dowell joint venture completed the processing of jacking up the capitol building onto 341 piles last week, paving the way for resumption of construction. Construction workers used hydraulic lifts to jack the building up inch-by-inch so that it is now completed supported by the piles driven into the ground at depths up to 110 feet. When the building cracked in December 1990, a portion of the west wing sank about nine inches. By last month, parts had sunk 18 inches. The building is now level.

Journal 2/14/2003

P2 Kramer’s Mercy K beats the field Pacific International Inc.’s Mercy K vessel collected nearly as much copra in 2002 as three government field trip ships combined. Tobolar figures show the Mercy K brought in 1,271 tons of copra during 2002, accounting for nearly half of all the copra picked up during the year — the worst year  for production since records began being kept in 1951.

P7 Outrigger fever grips islands With Nitijela in session, politics and Compact debates are the order of the day. But as March approaches, the debate is going to quickly change to outrigger canoe racing with the biggest race — in terms of prize money and canoe sizes — about to take place on Ailinglaplap Atoll. With Iroij Imata Kabua and Iroij Anjua Loeak ponying up $20,000 for top prizes, this is going to be a very serious canoe race. Upping the ante, it’s a winner take all event — any canoe that comes in behind an Ailinglaplap canoe will be left behind in Ailinglaplap.

P14 Dita Rocks Costa Mesa “She’s the best player in the Golden West League and one of the best ball handlers in Orange County.” — Steve Virgen, Los Angeles Times writing about Trisha ‘Dita’ Wase, who led RMI national teams to medal in Micronesian basketball competition in 2000 (bronze)and 2002 (silver).