RMI supports passport sales

Journal 5/19/1975

P1 Ebeye police train The Ebeye Police Department recently completed a Police Training Academy in which 32 officers received special training under the direction of Larry Bunch, an employee of the Range Operations Coordination Division of Kwajalein Missile Range. The program was set up and coordinated by Bunch and Sato Maie, Chief of Police, Ebeye.

P10 Roi Namur people seek $10 million from US A $10 million suit has been filed in the US Court of Claims in Washington against the US by owners and leaders of Roi-Namur, an island complex in Kwajalein which is used in connection with sophisticated missile tracking. The money is being sought for the “unlawful and uncompensated taking and continued use” of the island and “for relocation or dislocation expenses for those who have been unlawfully dispossesed.”

P15 The promise of a good medivac service? The district that can offer the dubious boast of having been host to two locally owned airline operations may finally get a third — only difference in the new operation is that it looks as thought it may make it. The new service is the baby of Kirt Pinho and a few associates of his who have gotten a line on a Grumman Goose. As a single operation, the new plane promises to make a good show of it for several reasons: The plane is the one recommended for the area, and there is no competition.

Journal 5/12/1992

P5 Smart listener When Julie Riklon heard the liñña liñña (riddle) on the Family Planning radio show saturday morning, she called right up and won herself a prize for answering the health question correctly. She received a prize of pens, key chains and balloons from peer educator Arti Motella.

P14 Symons claims RMI officials supported passport sales program Making his first public statement since being charged a month ago with forging Marshall Islands government documents in a passport selling scheme, Greg Symons said Friday that during 1991, he “coordinated a feasibility study for a business migration scheme and investment program for the Marshall Islands.” The program, he said, “had the full and exclusive support of the Marshall Islands government and that support was from the top levels of government.”

P17 MIHS senior takes first place in speech contest Marshall Islands High School senior Yolanda Lodge took first place in a speech contest half last week as part of National Education Week.

P21 Delap Elementary third quarter honor roll, eighth grade Ines Tonkey, Newin Mission, Dillion Lalimo, Jibon Kamboj and Kamlin Marsh.

Journal 5/9/2003

P3 Ailuk’s Russell wins Outrigger’s Ironman An Ailuk captain won the “ironman” (kone jubar) Outrigger Cup national race competition for the second year in a row. Ailuk captain Russell Takia, sailing on Tony Muller’s “Rub Rub Jalar” canoe, was the fastest to complete sailing to and from Kalalen Island, weaving a basket, and then husking coconuts and baby nuts (“iu”). He wins $500.

P12 Three thumbs up for WAM A strong endorsement of a local training program was delivered by US Ambassador Mike Senko at a graduation program. In recognizing the accomplishment of the first two Marshallese young men — Goldon Libokmeto and Marton Philip — to complete the Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) program’s two-year outrigger building training, Senko noted that WAM is receiving funding through three US federal agencies. “As a US taxpayer, I feel strongly that this money is well-spent and vitally important for vocational education in the Marshalls,” said Senko.