Bruno’s circus is coming to town

Journal 3/27/1981

P1 Ailinglaplap Bakilkil airport dedicated The Bakilkil airport was dedicated March 27 in a festive and elaborate ceremony. With three planes on the airport and three ships anchored in the lagoon, it was was certainly the largest event in recent years at the peaceful island of Airok.

P5 Joma Robert new JHS principal The public service commission has selected Joma Robert of Jaliut Atoll to be the new Jaluit High School principle. Prior to his new job, Robert was the Marshalls’ special education coordinator for handicapped children.

P6 Dr. Isao to PRC Dr. Isao Kisino of the Health Services Ministry left Majuro yesterday aboard Air Micronesia for Guam and onward to communist China to attend a two-week health training. The course, “primary health care” is mainly for health care in villages and rural areas.

P9 Bikini suit filed at $450 million Senator Henchi Balos arrived back this week from Washington, DC where he helped put the final touches on the Bikinians’ $450 million lawsuit. Balos received extensive news coverage in the press and on television.

Journal 3/26/1993

P6 Three outer atolls hope to cash in Ailinlaplap, Namu and Likiep are hoping to capitalize on the success and experience of Arno fishermen to launch their own “export” fishing operations. Their target market is Ebeye, home of close to 10,000 potential fish-buyers. The Arno fisheries project has earned Arno fishermen $220,000 and supplied 125 tons of fish to the Majuro market the past four years.

P17 Jaluit celebrates completion of new St. Joseph’s building The Jaluit community on Friday celebrated the completion of the new school buulding at the Catholic St. Joseph’s School. It replaces the original building that was seriously damaged by wind and waves kicked up by Typhoon Axel in January 1992.

P18 RMI could be first A US-funded feasibility study is now underway that could lead to the Marshall Islands developing the first commercial ocean thermal energy (OTEC) plant in the world.

Journal 3/26/2004

P3 Our man with dash AMI pilot Jason Langidrik was congratulated by his mother and father, Justina and Cent, after his maiden flight as captain of the Dash-8 on Wednesday.

P8 MEC letter puts deal with Mobil in question The Marshalls Energy Company has issued a request to international fuel distributors to provide “expressions of interest” to supply fuel to the Majuro-based utility company. The move puts increasing pressure on Mobil Oil Micronesia, currently MEC’s sole supplier of diesel.The Mobil contract with MEC expired in early March.

P22 Circus is Loyale to Majuro Bruno Loyale’s Magicland circus from Fiji will be back in town in early April. The circus has become a regular event in Majuro, but this year Bruno is promising a huge variety of rides and carnival games as well as his regular circus stars.