Hollywood star filmed at Bikini

Journal 6/26/1981

P1 Women called to more active role The Radrik Dron women members of Majuro’s United Church of Christ today had a chance to hear advice to take a more active role in their country’s decision making and not just let men make the decisions. The person telling them that was not a man, not an American or European woman, but a Pacific woman. Her name is Loreine Tevi, general secretary for the Pacific Conference of Churches, the first woman ever to chair that post. Rev. Jude Samson translated for her.

P1 Rongelap not accident Two American military men, stationed on Rongerik Atoll during the Bravo hydrogen bomb test at Bikini on March 1, 1954 have recently released statements showing that US officials who made the decision to explode Bravo did so in full knowledge that winds were blowing east, and would carry dangerous radioactive fallout across inhabited Rongelap, Rongelap, Utrik and other atolls. Their statements point to a 27-year cover up by US officials who have maintained that the contamination of hundreds of Marshallese and US servicemen by Bravo fallout was “accidental” and caused by an “unpredicted shift in winds.”

Journal 6/25/1993

P3 METV produces historical videos Alele METV has been working on a number of revenue-generating projects this year, many of which preserve Marshallese culture. The most recent project is a video record of Marshallese life on Wotje during World War II. The 20-minute tape combines interviews with Marshallese, Japanese artifacts, archival photos and present day video footage to explain what the war was like for those living on Wotje.

P10 New sound, new look, new DJs If you’ve tuned into 99.9 FM recently, you’ve probably noticed the change in format — it’s no longer a hit-kicking country station. Owner Steve Whitehead has not only changed the format, but has incorporated his business, put shares up for sale, renamed the radio station and opened a “music anytime hotline.”

P19 Marshallese belief If a breadfruit leaf falls and lands with its smooth side upward, good luck will follow. If it lands with its rough side upward, one will have bad luck.

Journal 6/25/2004

P1 Hollywood comes to Bikini Atoll Dennis Haysbert, star of the hit TV show “24,” spent last week at Bikini Atoll and recognized dive master Edward Maddison and the rest of the Bikini crew for helping with the Discovery Channel documentary on the battleships related to Pearl Harbor.

P4 TB on the rise The Ministry of Health wants Nitijela to amend the communicable disease law to give the ministry power to enforce requirements needed to halt the spread of preventable diseases in the RMI. Health Secretary Justina Langidrik told the Journal that health authorities are extremely concerned about a rise in tuberculosis (TB), and their lack of ability to enforce compliance with preventive health regulations. Patients often don’t comply with their doctors’ orders about taking their medications or saying in isolation, she said.

P9 Town says yokwe to Yokwe Divers Yokwe Divers held a very grand opening at their new premises at the Marshall Islands Resort last Friday. Owners Darryl Hodson and Julie Snider wowed the crowd by giving away a ton of prizes.

P14 The Journal’s new web of intrigue For decades now, the printers who put this prestigious publication together have struggled long into the night with ancient presses that print one side of a sheet at a time. No more! Technology has arrived at the Micronitor printing house. The new so-called web press prints eight pages in about an hour instead of five.