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Journal 1/23/1981

P1 Airport water catchment completed The $3.3 million expansion and improvement of the Majuro water system — catchments and reservoirs at the airport — was officially completed January 22. Secretary of Public Works Charles Domnick accepted the project for the government.

P6 Mili dispensary has drug shortages With a population of just under 200, Mili is fortunate to have a health aide and a dispensary of its own. Some islands in the Marshalls aren’t so fortunate. Unfortunately, the two-room dispensary does not have enough medicine or other supplies. “I sent an order to Majuro requesting 60 items and I received only eight of what I requested,” said Mili’s doctor Mack Jetnil.

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Journal 1/22/1993

P1 ‘Car-go’ crunch For the third consecutive year, the Marshall Islands enjoyed prompt mail delivery service during the busy holiday season. Air Marshall Isalnds reported that no mail backlogs occurred as AMI averaged about 5,000 pounds of mail on each of its two weekly flights between November 15 and January 7. Additionally, the airline carried 72,000 pounds of equipment urgently needed to complete upgrading NTA’s Ebeye telephone service, and a record 60,000 pounds of vegetables and fresh fruits for the residents of Majuro and Ebeye during this same period.

P16 10 years and still going strong By purchasing a power plant bigger than its immediate need in 1982, the Marshalls has kept ahead of development — unlike a number of islands whose business development has been hindered by lack of power, Marshalls Energy Company General Manager Billy Roberts said. Early criticism of the Majuro power plant has proved to be “totally unfounded,” he said.

Journal 1/23/2004

P2 Billy’s working on on-off issue Majuro’s power has clicked off repeatedly, though mostly for short periods, over the past seven weeks. Marshalls Energy Company General Manager Billy Roberts said that four of the eight outages related to faults in the Rita-Jenrok area. He said ongoing work to put electric lines underground will have a significant impact on improving power distribution in the Jenrok and Rita area.

P14 Marshalls’ explosion of violence In response to an apparent explosion of child rapes, suicides and murders in the Marshall Islands in 2003, the Journal is starting an in-depth series on violence in the Marshall Islands. What we’ve learned speaks to the fact that violence in many forms is a regular fact of life for many people living in the RMI. Professional observers and local residents point to violence that is widening outside of the “expected” young male age group to include older men and women — and even more significantly, very young children. The highest-ever number of suicides in 2003 also underlines the point that the problem is getting worse.

P17 Dartmouth interns back to help MIHS The Ministry of Education and Marshall Islands High School recently welcomed back Dartmouth Professor Andrew Garrod and seen new student teaching interns for the fifth year of the Dartmouth College Teaching Internship Program in the Marshall Islands Islands.

P22 Unique race set for March The Seventh Annual Coconut Cup Regatta, which is the only race in the world that includes traditional canoes and modern yachts, will be held on Majuro lagoon March 27. Cup committee chairman Kirt Pinho is hopeful the number of participants will be greater this year. “It’s looking like there will be between 40 and 50 people coming to Majuro from Kwajalein,” said Pinho.