Minimum wage up by 50¢

Journal 2/22/1983

P1 ComSat could be working by 25 Feb. Satellite voice communication could start as soon as Friday, according to Phillip Muller, deputy secretary of Foreign Affairs, who has been handling negotiations for Telex service. RepMar has declined voice service until Telex was provided also. Businesses have been eagerly singing up for the service. 

P1 Majuro hospital progressing well Progress is continuing well in RepMar’s new hospital construction project with the successful inspection this past week of more than 100 specialized standard plumbing fixture installations. According to hospital project manager Tony Nagel, representatives of Ironwood Plumbing of Hawaii were very satisfied with the fixture installations. The work was supervised by Dewey Guavis of Public Works, and was coordinated with Yuhei Yamaguchi, president of the local plumbing firm Yamar Inc.

P5 Barbed wire may be taken down Chief Secretary Oscar deBrum reports that the Community Relations Council has made considerable progress in solving recent problems between the Kwajalein Missile Range and the Marshallese community in Kwajalein Atoll. The Kwajalein barbed wire barricade may soon be removed. DeBrum told the Americans that the barricade is “an unnecessary reminder of events not likely to occur again.”

Journal 2/24/1995

P1 Monster marlin caught Ray Bandy, on his third trolling outing, bagged this 527 marlin Sunday with help of Baron Bigler.

P1 The forgotten atolls need help The United States knew that people on Ailuk, Likiep and Utirik received dangerous levels of radioactive fallout, but only Utirik was evacuated after the 1954 Bravo test — even tough US officials knew Ailuk was exposed to higher level fallout than Utirik, Ambassador Wilfred Kendall told Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. The US government knew that food sources on these northern islands were dangerously contaminated, but did nothing, he said.

P3 Majuro first dry dock will swing into action soon Two of the four sections of the new $1.2 million floating steel dry doc, in Delap should be finished and ready to accommodate its first haul-out in March. In a partnership between Charles Dominick’s construction company, Anil Development, Inc., and an American company, La Force Shipyard, this project started from scratch last fall.

P4 Minimum wage hiked The Nitijela passed a series of new laws Monday evening in the final moments before ending the first session of 1995. A bill to hike the minimum wage from $1.50 to $2 an hour was approved.

P11 New N-claims flood Tribunal A rapidly increasing number of nuclear claims payments emphasizes the fact that the $45 million available to the Nuclear Claims Tribunal is no where near adequate to compensate Marshallese. “Now, more than ever, it is clear that there will not be enough money,” said Tribunal Judge Greg Danz.

P18 Water woes Majuro Water and Sewer Company Manger Hackney Takju said as of February 22, the city’s water supply is at an alarming low of six million gallons. Reservoir capacity is 22 million gallons of water.

Journal 2/24/2006

P3 $1.3 million in teacher training money unspent Despite the teacher quality crisis facing the Marshall Islands, more than $1.3 million of $1.5 million in US federal funds to improve teacher quality were not spent during FY2005.

P21 Fish come out to play Jerry Kramer was thrilled. Son Kenneth was upon the fly bridge of Lorraine K with his pal Bobby Muller, while down on the Shoreline dock was an impassive marlin, weighing in at 315 pounds. Surely the tournament would be theirs But it was not to be as team XXXX, skippered by Ben Reimers, was next up to weigh in and their beast of the deep clocked in at 371 pounds, making them the winner of Saturdays Jackie Jacobs Memorial Tournament, organized by Marshalls Billfish Club.

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