US $2m for FAS women

At the donation ceremony at the Marshall Islands Resort, from left: US Ambassador Roxanne Cabral, Head of IOM sub-office in RMI Angela Saunders, and Foreign Minister Casten Nemra. Photo: Bolden Elanzo.

The United States awarded a grant of $2,050,500 earlier this month to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Micronesia for implementing projects designed to address women’s and girl’s issues in the islands.
These include gender discrimination, entrepreneurship, and community development in the RMI, Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau.
At the launch of the initiative, held on January 20, IOM said it will work closely with the three national governments, local NGOs and the private sector, during the next 12-month to provide tangible solutions addressing women’s empowerment. IOM underscored the importance of dealing with gender issues as a key component of creating sustainable development in the region and throughout the world.
“The US Embassy is really excited to sponsor this two million dollar grant to support regional efforts in Palau, FSM, and here in the RMI, to remove barriers to gender equality, provide new tools for NGOs and entrepreneurs, and promote networking across diverse groups,” remarked Ambassador Roxanne Cabral. “We greatly appreciate IOM for taking on this important initiative and to the RMI government for its full support.”
“We are pleased to join 31 UN Member States in the US-led Call to Action on Women’s Economic Empowerment,” said Foreign Minister Casten Nemra at the event held at the Marshall Islands Resort. “I commend and express our appreciation to the US government, IOM, and partners for this timely initiative. I call on all of us to ‘inspire’ action that will bring results for the Marshallese women and girls.”


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