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October 17, 2014
US grant for health unspent Maternal and Child program affected
The Ministry of Health’s Maternal and Child Health program lost 80 percent of its FY2011 US federal grant because it did not draw down the funds, according to an official with the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The US government’s Tracking Accountability in Government Grants System (TAGGS) website also shows that another $69,583 from FY2012 also was not used by the MCH program. See more
Nuclear suit against US delayed
The first US federal court hearing on the Marshall Islands lawsuit against the United States was delayed from last Friday to January 16 next year — a development that lawsuit proponents see as a positive step. The lawsuit is seeking a US federal court to order the US government to take proactive steps to initiate nuclear disarmament measures pursuant to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. See more
Hawaii scientists predict the high tide flooding
Photo: Karl Fellenius
A high tide flooded many parts of Majuro’s southern shore last Thursday, causing little damage but great inconvenience and requiring a big clean up by local residents, and both national and local governments. “The inundation was not as severe as those seen in the recent past, but many properties on the ocean side from Delap Point in DUD to Rairok were flooded,” said Coastal Management Extension Agent Karl Fellenius who is based at CMI. He emailed information to many people about possible inundation from the tides. Thursday’s peak high tide occurred about 5:30pm.
US-based meteorologists and ocean experts predicted some weeks ago that there could be floods on two of the three high tides last week. The most eastern property to experience flooding was behind Coop School at Delap point, where locals said only minor inundation occurred. In addition to the Delap to Rairok south shore, the newly opened road just past the airport runway was inundated with coral rocks, forcing cars to zigzag around the road obstacles before heavy equipment could be brought in to clear the road.
Lijimu's back in Jilel, The Calling of the Shell
The making of the feature film Jilel, the Calling of the Shell, began way back in August 2012, when its predecessor, The Sound of Crickets at Night, was just starting to make the rounds of international film festivals. “The first phase was the writing of the script and by the time I was flying to the Guam Film Festival in September, I was pretty much done with it,” said director-producer Jack Niedenthal. “The next phase was
working out who was going to be in the film.” Jilel, which is co-produced by Suzanne Chutaro, stars some old favorites and debuts some new ones. “You could call this one ‘Lijimu 4’ because she’s back, pictured right. Plus there’s Miko (Lulani Ritok) and Liki (Randon Jack) and this is the debut for Monique Levy-Strauss who plays Belinda.” See more
Milañ Loeak in Australia for protest
A group of young Pacific Islanders calling themselves the Climate Warriors is in Australia to mount a protest against the Australian coal industry and call for action on climate change. See more
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US land grab goes unnoticed by Americans By Roger Gale
The United States may soon make its first outright territorial acquisition in more than half a century – the proposed commonwealth of the Marianas, 14 islands located. . . See more
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