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July 25, 2014
Serious cash flow issue for RMI government
Two weeks ago, the RMI government placed a freeze on General Fund-financed travel. Last week, the Ministry of Finance further limited government spending by freezing all non-personnel expenditures from the General Fund. “The fiscal position of government isn’t looking too good,”
said Finance Secretary Alfred Alfred, Jr., pictured, Friday. “It’s likely we’re headed toward a serious cash flow situation. Unfortunately most ministries are not taking this seriously.” The RMI still has two-and-a-half-months to go before the end of the current fiscal year.

Chee found guilty in 2010 fraud case
Former Ministry of Health staff Catalina Chee was found guilty Monday of cheating, forgery, misconduct in public office and conspiracy for her involvement in a government fraud-ring that was discovered in 2010 involving employees from the Ministries of Finance and Health. See more

Namdrik gets loan for virgin oil project
Namdrik Copra Cooperative signed a line of credit for $25,000 with Bank of Marshall Islands last week to kick-start its virgin coconut oil project. This is the first line of credit extended to an non-government organization in the outer islands and “we're proud to be part of this partnership with Bank of Marshall Islands and Tobolar,” said Erakrik Joel, on behalf of Namdrik Coconut Cooperative board and members. “We hope to be selling our virgin coconut oil to Marshall Islands Service Corporation and Tobolar in bulk in the very near future and this would not happen without this assistance from our own bank.”
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Japan helps OBGYN department in Ebeye
Japanese Ambassador Kazuhiko Anzai and Ebeye Hospital Administrator Abon Jeadrik, pictured, signed a grant contract for “The Project for Improvement of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Ebeye Hospital” last week at the Embassy of Japan.
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ROC's precious gift of 2 ambulances
The Republic of China, Taiwan donated two ambulances to the Ministry of Health Tuesday afternoon at the International Conference Center. Minister of Health Phillip Muller received the $81,000 medical vehicles during a formal handover by ROC Ambassador Winston Wen-yi Chen. The ambulances were provided by Taipei City Government, the sister city to Majuro Atoll. MOH Secretary Julia Alfred said one vehicle will be stationed at Leiroj Kitlang Kabua Hospital in Ebeye, the other here in Majuro.
Highlighted during the event was $20,000 worth of medical donations from local company Majuro Waterfront. Donated equipment includes boxes of numerous body braces — arms, legs, back and neck — in different sizes.
Left to Right: Speaker Donald Capelle, Medical Records Director Malia Heine, President in Assistance Wilbur Heine, ROC Ambassador Winston Wen-yi Chen, Minister of Health Phillip Muller, Majuro Waterfront representatives Rubert Reimers and Junior Kenny, Heltera Hermios, MOH Secretary Julia Alfred and ROC First Secretary Allison Chao. Photo: Hilary Hosia
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