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October 24, 2014
Chee seeks Supreme relief Claim that evidence was 'flimsy'
Catalina Chee is appealing her conviction in the High Court on eight felony charges related to theft of Ministry of Health funds. She lodged her appeal to the Supreme Court through attorney John Masek recently. See more
President supports Arno road project
President Christopher Loeak visited the outer island communities of Ine and Matolen in Arno Atoll Saturday for a groundbreaking ceremony to start the Arno Road Improvement Project. The project aims to improve community roads, allowing increased mobility and accessibility from Arno to Matolen, Arno. See more
Great handicraft grad group for Juren Ae
Juren Ae has done it again, graduating its latest group of young women following an extensive skills training program. The group graduated Friday at the Nitijela Conference Room, where they had on display for sale many of the handicrafts they made during the training. The graduates (above), and First Lady Anono Loeak (left), who spoke at the ceremony.
Photos: Suzanne Chutaro and Hilary Hosia
Marshall Islanders join forces to block coal ship in Newcastle Milañ joins the Pacific Warriors protest in Oz
Thirty climate warriors from across the Pacific travelled to Newcastle, Australia on Friday 17 October to voice their protest against coal mining, climate change and the impact of it on their island homes. Among the warriors was RMI’s own Milañ Loeak, pictured, who when asked if she had a message for the people of the Marshall Islands said, “I want people to know that we are
not alone. All of the Pacific Warriors understand what is happening in the Marshall Islands and are all here standing and fighting for them.” See more

Scientists disagree with The Atlantic
Fourteen scientists from around the world have taken issue with journalist Christopher Pala’s claims that atolls will not be lost to sea level rise. In an article in The Atlantic titled “Warming may not swamp islands” published recently, Pala said “coral reefs supporting sandy atoll islands will grow and rise in tandem with the sea.” The journal ran a story of Pala’s about Kiribati in the October 10 edition. See more

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Micronesian Press Awards – The first national Micronesian Press Club spoof was put on last week in a local bar here with several persons, including a waitress and a bartender in attendance. . . . See more
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