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June 26, 2015
Virus numbers skyrocket – Spraying stops for workshop
The number of confirmed and suspected cases of chikungunya continues to skyrocket in the Marshall Islands, with over 800 reported by the Ministry of Health as of mid-June. The outbreak started in February and has continued unabated, spreading to many outer islands. See more
Finance guys meet
Finance Minister Jack Ading paid a courtesy visit to his counterpart in Fiji, Minister Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, pictured, last week during his weeklong visit to the Fiji as the Head of Delegation of the Trade Mission from Marshall Islands. During his visit,
Ministers Ading and Khaiyum discussed trade and investment issues and air services between the two countries. “RMI values greatly our bilateral relationship with Fiji,” Ading told Khaiyum. “We enjoy certain services provided under our current Memorandum of Understanding between our two countries and hope to expand on our established areas of cooperation.” See more
Clockwise: WAM trainees sew a sail for the walap. The tools may be modern, but traditionally and as is the case today both men and women are involved in building Marshallese canoes. Photos: Isaac Marty.
Namdrik makes virgin coconut oil
The Namdrik Copra Cooperative sold its first supply of virgin coconut oil in bulk — more than 360 gallons — to Tobolar Copra Processing Authority for a competitive market price. The bulk sale of virgin coconut oil to Tobolar is a first for an outer island in the RMI. “This will be the first of many to come and we are already discussing the idea of ordering two more sets of processing equipment so we have a total of three different processing areas on Namdrik to get the full economy of scale from this refined oil,” said Namdrik Senator Mattlan Zackhras. “Our people are benefiting three times more than from the dried copra they currently sell to Tobolar even at the increased rates today.”
See more

Japan, Forum help light up our islands
Last month, the people of the RMI celebrated the handover of a solar powered desalination system and seventy-eight solar streetlights supported under the Pacific Environment Community (PEC) Fund. In attendance to witness this occasion were representatives of the RMI government, Majuro Atoll Local Government, diplomats, and the residents of Laura. The Laura ceremony was significant, said Resources and Development Secretary Rebecca Lorennij, because “it is a result of the efforts of national and regional collaboration in delivering on the government of the Republic of Marshall Islands’ aspiration to not just provide energy to our people, but to also improve our services by providing clean and reliable energy throughout the country.” See more

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Long Island shoe thievesMajuro just isn’t the same as it used to be. Sunday night, a group of young people went to serenade Dr. Jan Reimers, who left the islands on Monday. While they were inside singing, some boys ... See more
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