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May 1, 2015
Fishermen, PNA planning action
Members of the World Tuna Purse Seine Boat Owners (WTPO) and representatives of a number of PNA members met in Majuro this week to consider possible actions related to the low price for tuna in the global market. The meeting heard views from the WTPO on the current situation and also heard from the Parties to the Nauru Agreement on how they viewed the current
situation. Both sides acknowledged that they shared an interest in ensuring the price of tuna was economically viable. See more

Red Cross gets global honor
The Marshall Islands Red Cross Society is in its final stages of gaining global recognition. The development, which will make RMI the 190th member of the global movement, was revealed last Thursday during the Northern Pacific Governance Master Class and Legal Base workshop for Red Cross chapters from the Republic of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia and Marshalls at the Marshall Islands Resort’s Melele Room. See more

Donors support May Day
Koo’s Fishing company donated $10,000 to the Marshall Islands 36th Constitution Day Committee Tuesday. Koo’s Assistant Manager Orlando Paul (right) delivered the check to the Constitution Day Committee Chair Antonio Eliu in front of the vacated Capital building as Internal Affairs Assistant Secretary Wallace Peter looks on. Eliu accepted the donation with gratitude, saying that RMI is blessed and extended heartfelt thanks to Koo’s, their families and wished them prosperity. Meantime, ROC Ambassador Winston Wen-yi Chen (photo right) handed over a check for $5,000 to President Chris Loeak to support Constitution Day activities.
Photos: Hilary Hosia, Denise deBrum-Reiher.
RMI practices for 'UPR' meet
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs completed a mock human rights reporting session last week in preparation for the RMI’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The RMI, led by Foreign Minister Tony deBrum, pictured, is scheduled to deliver its report to the Twenty-Second Session
of the UPR Working Group in Geneva next month. The UPR is a mechanism that allows for all UN members to declare actions taken to improve human rights in their countries and to fulfill their human rights obligations. See more

Go local, buy local
The It was harvest time again and the Majuro Farmers Association marketed their produce at the College of the Marshall (CMI) Islands SSG Solomon Sam Memorial Sports Center Saturday. Bananas, papayas, radishes, and many other locally grown crops dwindled as a large number of customers crowded in to buy the products. CMI student Roger Muller who is involved with Land Grant projects said the marketing was collaboration between Ministry of Resources and Development, ROC Taiwan Laura Farm Mission, CMI, Land Grant, and others. See more

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