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September 12, 2014
Pres. Chris Loeak to world: It's action time
President Chris Loeak told thousands of leaders attending a small island summit in Samoa Monday that the world must stop talking about climate problems and take action. “All this talk of partnerships — and all we can achieve here in Samoa — will be moot if we don’t address the
greatest threat to the very future of all of our island homelands: climate change,” said the President. “Already our atoll islands are under threat, and our fresh water is becoming saltier. The king tides are higher, and the droughts more frequent.” Loeak called the climate situation in the RMI an “emergency.” See more

RMI submits financial plan to US reps
The The RMI government submitted a completed decrement management plan to United States representatives last Thursday. This followed a briefing of Cabinet Wednesday on the final draft of the plan by Marshall Islands government staff and officials from the Graduate School USA, who have assisted the RMI in developing the plan. The decrement plan deals with how to balance government funding needs with declining US Compact funding. See more

Right: Mike Torejak's collapsed sea wall.
Photo & Story
Hilary Hosia
Wild wind wrecks havoc:
Sea wall collapses
Sunday’s unexpected westerly waves
toppled a sea wall in Mieco town, exposing Mike Torejak’s house and a neighboring home to future sea surges. “The sea wall came down around three am,” Mike said. No one was hurt during the incident. Meanwhile, Marshall Islands High School beachfront landowner Aqua Ishoda Patrick is unhappy with what she saw: two huge boats washed ashore in her property. “Who is in charge,
who do I have “Who is in charge, who do I have to talk to, to have these removed?” she told the Journal. “These boats, plus others anchoring in the lagoon for no reason should be removed immediately because they pollute the ocean.” Majuro Atoll local police Sanitaion unit and Environmental Protection Authority assessment team were on site. See more
No lunch in Ministry of Education budget
Public schools will have to find their own way to come up with a lunch program for this school year, according to Ministry of Education, which has no funds for lunch programs in Majuro schools. “This year’s budget does not include a lunch program,” said Ministry of Education Acting Secretary Kanchi Hosia. Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) said “no,” they are not getting a lunch program. MOE is not able to provide one and MIHS does not have any plans for it. Meanwhile calls to Delap Elementary School, Rita Elementary, Uliga Elementary, and Majuro Middle School for confirmation about their situation on the school lunch issue were unsuccessful because the school phones were disconnected for lack of payment. Meanwhile, Ebeye Ministry of Education is seeking bidders to provide hot lunches for public schools on the island.
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74 workers to lose jobs, $80M for RMI in '98 A lean fiscal year 1998 budget of $80.5 million was introduced into Nitijela Thursday by Finance Minister Ruben Zackhras. A total of 74 workers are to be cut on October 1 . . . See more
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