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April 11, 2014
Two Ujae men lost at sea Fellow fishermen swim to safety
Four fishermen on a 14-foot boat from Ujae Atoll experienced engine problems Saturday afternoon and began drifting. According to information the Journal obtained through phone calls with relatives on Ujae, while Ujae was still in sight, all four men jumped overboard and began swimming while pulling the boat toward shore. But the current was too strong for them to hold the boat and swim, so two — Johnathan Bokin and Kalimur Joram — continued swimming to shore, while Roland Bokin and Carlton Joram got back in the boat. … See more
RMI asks Japan for help on water issues
The Marshall Islands government has formally requested Japan infrastructure aid for water and sewer improvements for Majuro Atoll. The project request was submitted recently and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) survey team is expected to arrive soon for a preliminary
review, which is the way Japan processes infrastructure grant requests. RMI Chief Secretary Casten Nemra, pictured, said the government recently turned in the request, which elevates water and sanitation to the top priority for consideration by Japan. … See more
EPA lab praised for high quality
The Marshall Islands EPA laboratory received high marks on an international performance evaluation. The RMI EPA lab was the only one among the freely associated states to take part in this global laboratory assessment program, according to RMI EPA General Manager Lowell Alik, pictured. … See more
Who will wear what at the Jambo Arts show?
Jambo Arts will hold its 8th exhibition this Friday at the RRE’s Bokanake. The theme of the new exhibition is “Art as Medicine” — focusing on how art and wellness impact one another throughout our lives. Visitors will be thrilled to see the work of new as well as familiar favorite artists. The exhibit will feature even more art including, sculpture, painting, photography, jewelry, clothing, pencil drawings, music, and live performances. In addition, there will be a Silent Auction featuring works from several Jambo Arts artists. … See more
ROC-Taiwan visit nets Utrik atoll new gear
By invitation of ROC (Taiwan) Ambassador Winston W.Y. Chen, Minister Hiroshi Yamamura of Public Works, who represents Utrik Atoll, attended a hand-over ceremony of basketballs, volleyballs and nets for the Utrik community from the ROC Embassy.
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