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August 29, 2014
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Teens giving birth still a big problem By SUZANNE CHUTARO
Teen pregnancy is a major issue in the Marshall Islands. That’s the stand-out issue United Nations Population Fund Director and Representative of the Pacific Sub-Regional Office Dr. Laurant Zessler, pictured, got after attending last week’s donor partner meeting hosted by the Marshall Islands government. The United Nations supports a range of programs in the Marshall Islands including the funding of the Marshall Islands National Strategic Plan through the United
Nations Development Program, which formed the basis of last week’s talk with donors. See more
Japan group here to study nuclear-affected communities in the Marshall Islands
A group from Japan is in the Marshall Islands this week studying how nuclear-affected
communities are coping with their situation in an effort to inform Japanese living in the Fukushima area of Japan. A major nuclear power plant accident contaminated a large area of Fukushima in 2011, forcing evacuation of thousands of residents. Today, according to nuclear physicist Dr. Tetsuji Imanaka of Kyoto University, the Japanese government is urging people to return to areas that are still contaminated. Concerns about returning and ongoing exposure to radiation continue to spark debate within Japan. See more

Komol to Canvasback! Over 50 surgeries in 10 days

Canvasback Missions’ ear-nose-and-throat medical team performed over 50 surgeries, many of them life-saving, during its visit over the past 10 days. What surprised and dismayed doctors, however, was finding so many “late stage” problems that people have been suffering with for, in some cases, years without getting treatment. “There are a lot of people here who need (ENT) help,” said ENT specialist Dr. Tal Dagan, pictured, who joined the Canvasback team for the first time from his New York City practice. “Neglect is the main thing we are treating.” See more
Senators slam purchase of the Long Island Hotel
Majuro Senator Brenson Wase, pictured, praised Taiwan businessman Almon Chien for being a “brilliant businessman” in getting the RMI government to pay $1.3 million more for the purchase of Long Island Hotel than a previous price offer to government.
See more
Minister Hiroshi Yamamura, Neitha Gideon, Justina Langidrik, and DCM Norman Barth.
Gutter talk
“Before we send the truck to the battlefield, it is tradition that we do a prayer,” Public Works Minister Hiroshi Yamamura said during the christening of the new drainage vehicle Tuesday. The US Army Corps of Engineers recommended purchasing the $114,000 vehicle. Ministry of Finance bought the vehicle from US-based US Jetting Company. Company President Nick Woodhead joined the ceremony and will be on island to train Public Workers on vehicle operations. In his closing prayer, Reverend Enja Enos said RMI has a weakness when it comes to maintenance and asked for good maintenance of the new vehicle. Photos: Hilary Hosia
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Flu takes its toll on Majuro residents An epidemic of flu has hit Majuro with hundreds of people coming down with the virus, according to Majuro Hospital. Dr. Masao Korean, the hospital's chief of staff, said this strain of flu . . . See more