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January 30, 2015
Post Office first to file in whole of Micronesia
While six RMI national government agencies were late to get their FY2013 financial information ready for audit, the Marshall Islands Postal Service Authority already completed its FY2014 audit. The FY2013 audit of the RMI government has just recently been submitted to Nitijela by the RMI Auditor General. See more
UAE $5m grant for solar power
Foreign Affairs Secretary Doreen deBrum, pictured, signed off on an agreement earlier this month in the United Arab Emirates that will provide $5 million for a major solar project in Majuro. Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of R&D’s Energy Office were represented at the annual meeting of the
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in the UAE last week, where the plan for providing funds for a 600 kilowatt solar-to-grid project for the Marshalls Energy Company was approved. See more
Dame Meg pushes for action
Pacific Islands Forum’s new Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor, made her first visit to the RMI last week in her new post and met with President Chris Loeak and Cabinet. A former Papua New Guinea ambassador to the United States, Taylor is pushing an agenda for action at the Forum in her first month on the job.

Photo: Hilary Hosia
High tide causes floods around the Marshalls
Angered A high tide Wednesday caused widespread flooding in Majuro and at least four remote outer islands. Despite alerts that more inundation could be forthcoming through the weekend, this did not materialize. Marshall Islands Coastal Management Extension Agent Karl Fellenius, who is based at the College of the Marshall Islands, alerted local authorities to the potential for salt water flooding from Wednesday through Saturday last week. Acting Chief Secretary Justina Langidrik said they received reports from Kili, Utrik and Ailuk of inundation from the high tide, and were provided photos of flooding on Mejit. See more

Legislation needed to protect coast
The RMI Coastal Management Advisory Council (CMAC), comprising of government agencies and institutions, got together to renew its vision and set goals at the International Conference Center earlier this month. Coastal resources and culturally significant sites are being targeted for protection by CMAC. It is aiming to continue its service to the RMI by providing recommendations for sustainable development and to empower local communities to care for their resources by doing their part. “Integrating” programs and resources is a key word in the building process. At the moment CMAC is not ready to roll out its new strategic plan. After the meeting it was expected to submit draft plans to The Nature Conservancy for review. The Nature Conservancy has been a major funder of environmental protection work in the RMI, FSM and Palau in recent years. See more

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