Happy first birthday, George!

Happy first birthday, George!

Cutting his first birthday cake was what George Lanakila Jang did during his kemem held at Jitak En last week Sunday. George is the son of Michelle and Maw Shyong Jang, captain of the fishing vessel Navigator. George’s birthday was supposed to be on September 21 but because his father was scheduled for an early […]

Palau, FSM to Get Great RMI Service

Palau, FSM to Get Great RMI Service

Canvasback Missions is planning to provide five medical team visits to Ebeye and Majuro next year as it expands its services to Palau and other US-affiliated islands in the Pacific. For the first time in its over 30 years of operating in the Marshall Islands, Canvasback is expanding with its first medical mission to Palau […]

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VIDEO: Producing the Journal

A rare glimpse of the Marshall Islands Journal print team in action on a Wednesday night in the Uliga print shop. Featured are Danny Mino, Tarmas Kejlat and BJ Menke. Video: Hilary Hosia

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