RMI considers dry-dock

tw-pic-1-6Journal 1/8/1973

P8 Marshalls considers dry-dock Skip Caukins, a design engineer working for the Trust Territory government, was in Majuro this week studying a proposed site for a marine railroad at the Mieco Beach area. The proposed dry dock is intended to take ships up to 171 feet. According to Caukins, the Mieco Beach site is not an ideal area to build the dry-dock facility because of prevailing crosswinds. Caukins also made soundings in the area immediately in front of the proposed site and according to District Planner Dennis McBreen some unfavorable information was obtained there.

P12 Total indigenous population of Eniwetok and Bikini Eniwetok: 1880 — 40; 1895 — 60; 1906 — 35; 1910 — 70; 1912 —40; 1920 — 104; 1930 — 108; 1945 — 119; 1947 — 0. Bikini 1880 — 30; 1908 — 80; 1930 — 127; 1940 — 85; 1945 — 162; 1946 — 0.

Journal 1/3/1992

P1 Rongelap N-study a first When you’ve been the subject of nearly 40 years of studies it may seem odd that the prospect of another study is bringing joy to the Rongelap community. But Rongelap Senator Jeton Anjain said the US Congress funding for the so-called “phase-two” studies of Rongelap is the best Christmas gift the US could have given the community. The reason? Rongelap leadership and scientists are involved in every part of the work. “Rongelap is part of the program,” Anjain said. “I feel different about this study because nothing can be done without Rongelap.”

P3 Get used to seven digits New seven digit dialing is here for bothy Majuro and Ebeye, and before long you will not be able to get through by dialing four numbers only. “Start using seven digits when you dial,” says NTA General Manager Al Fowler, “because soon the four digits won’t work.” Majuro’s new prefix is 625 and Ebeye’s is 329.

P5 Good holiday for AMI’s DC-8 Air Marshall Islands Marketing Manager David Tejada has indicated that this holiday season has stimulated profitable business for AMI. For December, the airline’s DC-8 operation in and out of Hawaii experienced substantial increase in revenue generated through its passenger and cargo operations. “Just before Christmas, we had a 100 percent load factor. Last year we didn’t have that,” Tejada said.

P9 Mejit fishermen lost, then found on Ailuk A 14-foot outboard engine boat with three fishermen was lost off Mejit Island Thursday but was found Saturday on Ailuk. Coast Guard assistance was requested, the Micro Chief searched for the missing boat, while AMI also assisted with an air search. Alden Lakijon, Remon Hanchor and Renton Hemilton went out fishing Thursday, the day after Christmas, but did not return. The trio’s engine went out on them and they drifted for nearly 36 hours before they could get it working again. The northeasterly trade winds blew them toward neighboring Ailuk. By the time the engine was serviceable, they were in sight of Ailuk so motored into the atoll. Mejit and Ailuk are separated by about 40 miles of ocean.

Journal 1/10/2003

P12 Mejatto first to take fisheries plan The Rongelap community at Mejatto Island, Kwajalein, has become the first in the Marshall Islands to implement a community-based fisheries management plan. Over the past year, Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority staff have worked with local leaders to hammer out a plan of action to protect fisheries resources on this distant island. Next stop for MIMRA’s community fisheries planners is Likiep, with Arno, Majuro and Jaluit to follow.

P21 RMI out of jobs for hundreds of school leavers Between 600 and 1,000 young people are coming into the job market in the Marshall Islands every year — but employment has been static at about 10,000 for the past 10 years, according to a labor market and national training report. Produced by the National Training Council, the report comments that “this lack of labor market growth in employment during a period when huge sums were spent on stimulating economic growth indicates that it will new difficult to find the new jobs or small business opportunities necessary to employ those people entering the labor force.”