10-year case put to rest

Journal 10/23/1981

P1 Mili election found improper The Appellate Division of the High Court has directed that an order be issued for a new election for the Nitijela seat for Mili. Chuji Chutaro, who lost in 1979 by six votes to Alee Alik, challenged the election because 21 persons voted who were not on the registration lists.

P1 Government vehicles debated The government of the Marshalls has too many cars and must find a better system of utilizing the vehicles, President Amata Kabua told Nitijela members October 16 during a debate on Bill 33 to “regulate government vehicles.”

Journal 10/22/1993

P1 Kabua case settled After 10 years of court disputes, aborted out-of-court settlements, and millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees, the iroojlaplap dispute involving the Kabua family is resolved. Amata, Imata and Michael Kabua and Kabua Kabua’s representatives, Neimata Nakamura Kabua and Mamoru Kabua, signed an agreement committing the former to “consider setting aside a certain amount of money annually for Kabua Kabua during his lifetime,” while the elder Kabua’s family agrees that “it shall not reactivate” the title case.

P20 Compact money gone soon The mid-point in the 15-year pact with the US finds the Marshall Islands urgently looking for income-earning projects to replace declining US funding. With the end of the Compact in sight, the pressure is on. To date, virtually all development projects remained financed by government.

P23 Robert celebrates 84 years Grandchildren, led by Norbert Reimers, got together to make Robert Reimers 84th birthday party a memorable occasion. Robert and his wife, Lupe, obviously enjoyed the occasion, which included singing, dancing and two big cakes.

Journal 10/15/2004

P3 Gas prices top $3 gallon Majuro gas prices continued to skyrocket, hitting the $3 per gallon mark at the pump for the first time.

P4 Likiep files case with Tribunal Likiep became the sixth atoll in the Marshall Islands to file a class action land damage claim with the Nuclear Claims Tribunal. US-based attorneys Craig Miller and James Walsh filed a 17-page claim on behalf of Likiep. The claim is filed in the names of Aiji Aini, Alfred Capelle, James Capelle, Orlando deBrum, Tony deBrum, Raynard Gideon, Rosie Kawakami and Richard Reimers on behalf of the people of Likiep.

P11 Test time Everyone gets tested at the Ministry of Education these days. Earlier this month, all administrators took a test in the Marshall Islands Resort, and last Friday several hundred teachers were tested.

P14 Hilda: School in US is no guarantee of success Many Marshall Islanders believe that sending their kids to school in America is the key to assuring educational success. At least one longtime Marshall Islands educator who has studied the success rate of Marshallese high school students in America, says people need to think again. “I don’t want people to think that just sending kids to the mainland equals success (in school),” Hilda Heine told the Journal. Heine just completed a two-year study of 12 successful Marshallese high school students in Oregon, Arkansas and Hawaii. Two themes became prominent in the 12 Marshallese students that she tracked: All of the students had goals and were future-oriented; and the parents had expectations for their children.