1,000 youth wants work

TW-pic-5-20Journal May 23, 1975

P7 Claim to fame endangered Majuro’s mild claim to fame, the existence of three Checker Limousines was rocked this past week in a local court action resulting in the sidelining of the vehicles under force of a temporary restraining order issued by district judge Kabua Kabua. The order was issued against the three limos and a fourth car owned by Tourist Auto Rentals, a local firm. The suit was brought by Bruce Jensen of Micronesian Hawaiian Trading Company against Ray Quackenbush, manager of TAR. For the present, Quackenbush’s company is not permitted to use the vehicles.

P11 Local company sets dividend at 30 percent Here’s probably a first for the Marshalls — the Majuro Stevedore and Terminal Company at its first annual shareholders’ meeting announced a dividend of 30 percent of the value of the stock held by investors.

Journal 5/24/1991

P9 1,000 youth apply for summer jobs Summer Youth Employment Program — that’s almost 1,000 young men and women crying out for a chance to get job experience. Many of them were lined up outside JTPA’s door before 8am.

P21 Desalination plant sees load double The Ebeye power plant and desalination facility has been in operation for just over four years. During that time the island load has almost doubled, and the desalination plant has consistently produced between 100 and 150 gallons of water every minute — over one million gallons a week.

P24 Wrap up Last Friday was the final day for the Pacific Journalism workshop for print media people on Majuro. Attending were Erickson Lokejak, Able Anien, JJ Krison, Florian Helkena, Antari Elbon, instructor D’Arcy Drury, Jina Robert, Carmen Bigler and Abacca Anjain.

P25 Testifying Senator Jeton Anjain and Banny deBrum, the Marshall Islands’ US Embassy deputy chief testified on behalf of the Rongelap Atoll before the US House Appropriations Subcommittee on May 9.

P26 Health effects of radioactive fallout on Marshall Islanders by Dr. Thomas Hamilton Thyroid dosimetry studies of Marshall Islanders have been limited to only two atolls in the northern Marshall Islands. The primary reason for this limitation appears to be the assumption that no atolls other than Rongelap and Utrik were exposed to fallout radiation. This assumption was not tested by DOE or its predecessor agencies and there is good reason to believe it is false.

Journal 5/26/2000

P1 Pssst! He didn’t have to pay for it… After being in the Marshall Islands for nearly 50 years, Fr. Leonard Hacker finally became a citizen of the Marshall Islands and, in an emotion-charged moment, received a diplomatic passport from President Kessai Note at the Assumption graduation ceremony last Sunday.

P3 US rejects negotiations with Kwajalein landowners The US State Department has rejected a request for direct negotiations on the Kwajaelin missile range with landowners, telling an attorney for Senators Imata Kabua, Ataji Balos and Sato Maie that “concerns of the Kwajalein landowners should properly be addressed to the government of the Marshall Islands.”