17 escape from the jail

Front pages from 1986, 1998 and 2009.

Journal 11/21/1986

P1 Small budget, big payoff
It’s underfunded, understaffed and lacks adequate space for the job at hand, but that isn’t slowing down a major program of Marshalls Community Action Agency/Youth Options. For many Marshallese youth, their shot at continuing formal education ended when school began in September. More than 50 percent of eighth grade students who graduate every year have nowhere to go: the public high schools can’t accommodate them and many cannot afford private school tuition. But for 68 youth ranging in ages from 9-18, Youth Options has given them a new lease on education. Youth Options staff Frank Mojilong and Rayner Peter are running a new school at their Uliga center, which gives the kids a solid two hours each morning of classroom basics: English, grammar and math. Physical education and volunteer work in the afternoons round out the program.

P2 AMI a hit in Fiji
Air Marshall Islands made its inaugural flight to Fiji last week with the 44 passenger HS-748 plane. Minister Kessai Note and Senator Kaleb Rantak said the flight was very enjoyable and that they were met with fanfare at all the stops: Tarawa, Funafuti and Nadi.

Journal 11/20/1998

P1 RMI has fewest local docs
The Marshall Islands has the lowest percentage of local doctors practicing when compared to the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau. Statistics produced by the Micronesian Seminar in Pohnpei show that in the FSM, 88 percent of all doctors are Micronesian, while in Palau, 81 percent are. In contrast, just 38 percent of doctors working at Majuro and Ebeye hospitals are Marshallese or Micronesian. Meanwhile,Marshallese Doctors Zackhras Zackhras and Tom Jack passed their medical internship and examination last week. As a result, they are now fully registered Medical Officers, said Dr. Joe Flear, the Micronesian Medical Council physician coordinating the evaluations and ongoing education for doctors trained by the Pacific Basin Medical Officers Training Program in Pohnpei.

P3 Continental recognizes fishermen
Chris Wolseley of the Deloitte and Touche Saipan fishing team captured the Mobil All-Micronesia Fishing Tournament in September and with it won a roundtrip ticket from Continental Micronesia, which Majuro station manager John Hawley presented. Joining them for the ticket handover were Marshall Islands Visitors Authority general manager Ben Graham and Marshalls Billfish Club president Baron Bigler.

P4 Tribunal reviews radiation standards
The Nuclear Claims Tribunal is sponsoring a three-day hearing this week on radiation protection standards for the Marshall Islands. The hearing is to assist the Tribunal to begin establishing radiation protection standards to be followed in determining the need for cleanup and restoration of islands contaminated by US nuclear tests.

P13 Even MIMRA surprised at boom
Even MIMRA, which has pushed to make Majuro an attractive transshipment port for fishing vessels, is surprised by how quickly the fishing fleet has moved in to use Majuro for its operations, a MIMRA official told the Chamber of Commerce. “It’s happened a lot quicker than anyone anticipated,” said Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority advisor Simon Tiller.

Journal 11/20/2009

P3 17 escape from jail
A big jail break last week prompted the National Police to issue a call to the public, with mug shots attached, for help tracking down the 12 prisoners. Soon after the 12 had broken out, another five reportedly broke out.


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