1992 Jaluit honor roll

TW-pic-4-14Journal 4/11/1975

P1 Blue Shirts beginning delivery Trans Atoll Service Corporation (TASC) is in the process of delivering on one of its stated goals — lower prices for Marshall Islands consumers through cooperative buying. The first part of an order totaling in the neighborhood of $250,000 has arrived in the district center and individual TASC business members have begun stocking their shelves in various retail outlets on a cash and carry basis.

Journal 4/17/1992

P1 NTA first with phone loan Ground was broken last Thursday at Delap for the National Telecommunication Authority’s new headquarters that is being constructed by PII/McConnell Dowell. T&C Ministers Kunio Lemari said the Marshall Islands had first applied for the $18.8 million loan from the US Rural Electrification Administration in 1986. It was a long and complex process to obtain the loan because the Marshalls was the first non-US entity to apply for REA assistance, he said.

P3 Rairok edges Rita in quiz Rairok Elementary School had to go “overtime” to beat Rita Elementary School for the championship of the Majuro academic quiz held Friday. The school takes home $500, a bar-b-que grils, educational materials and wrist watches for the students.

P15 RMI-Rongelap agreement launches radiation study An agreement between the Marshall Islands government and Rongelap leaders was signed this week, paving the way for beginning radiation studies as part of the resettlement project funded by the US Congress.

P16 Jaluit High School senior honor roll Samson Samson, Benny Hesa, Kinso Nimoto, Alvin Simon, Irujiman Langidrik, Kelen Shem, Benjamin Kibin, Fredrick Heine, Arlinda Lemae, Angela Miano, Leeroy Langidrik, Arthur Jetton, Shellina Benkim, Rojen Helisha, Wilson Jimna.

Journal 4/11/2013

P20 Huge fleet ready for Coconut Cup You may need to shield your ears at 3pm Saturday when the PII tug blasts its horn to signal the start of the sixth annual Coconut Cup Regata. The race is expected to have the greatest ever number of international cruising yachts and Alson Kelen of the Canoe House reports that about 15 outriggers are ready to take part in the fun race.

P21 US gives our cops a computer boost RMI’s national police are set to be linked and networked thanks to a donation of five computers along with a server from the US Embassy. Deputy chief of mission Jennifer Brush presented the equipment to Minister of Justice Witten Philippo.

P22 Boys drift at sea for seven weeks Two young I-Kiribati boys swam ashore in Pohnpei after being lost at sea for over seven weeks. Upon sight of land, Bwebwetaake Dan, 14, and Moiua Ioteb’a, 11, jumped out of their boat and swam to shore, leaving their uncle in hopes that they could get help to return to get their uncle. Officials organized a search party for the uncle, but with no success.

P24 Journal ‘good’ The following is an email from Billy Roberts, manager for MEC/MWSC: “You guys are good. If I want rain, I get an article in the Journal about the drought. Same thing happened in February — it poured for days. Who’s related to Geronimo and did the rain dance?”