20 students to work in Bikini

Journal 6/13/2018

P1 Airport leases signed Formal signing of the leases for the proposed airport on Long Island has been accomplished, according to Mike Allen, Marshalls Land Management Officer. The lease negotiations experienced a series of complicated demands and counter demands before final agreement was reached. The negotiations will result in payment of $4,000 per acre.

P9 20 MIHS students to work at Bikini Twenty students, all juniors at Marshall Islands High School, were signed up this week through the agriculture department to work on Bikini Atoll for the summer. According to Liki Labi, Acting District Agriculturalist, the young men will be leaving Monday on the LCU for Bikini for the summer. The Trust Territory government will provide housing, food and transportation. The students are: Hemil Saimon, Aisa Peter, Super Sailas, Walter Lamidrik, Miram Akied, Summer Elkinwor, Gordon Note, Atra Lang, Jimmy James, Valantino Anutar, Caesar Jerbal, Larry Rang, Anko Jekkein, Moses Silk, Atobar Aliebar, Lamaro Sanberger, Jernlok Titus, Tane Abotolom, Jenry Peter, Heine Graham, Ninurj Alon, Shield Kanej, Hosi Gideon, Jus Helenso, Millong Latak, Rubon Jacklick, Thompson Keju, Lajjur Saremle, Teruo Kaminaga, Katzuo Katsang, Overtime Nelson, Jaluwe Jabwe and Iklang Jacob.

Journal 6/11/1993

P1 AMI crewing its own jet service Last Friday saw firsts in Marshallese piloting and Air Marshall Islands history — two Marshallese pilots becomes first officers licensed to operate DC-8 jets. Helbert Alfred and Alvin Jelke made their maiden flight as first officers on AMI’s biggest aircraft on June 4.

P14 Australian minister dedicates climate station A sea level and climate monitoring station, checks amounting to over $100,000, and a tool set were gifts given from Australia to the Marshall Islands this week at Uliga Dock. On hand to present the gifts was Australian Minister for Development Cooperation and Pacific Islands Affairs Gordon Bilney. Bilney officially opened the RMI sea level and climate monitoring station, which will record variations in long-term sea levels.

P17 Maryknoll Sisters active The Maryknoll Sisters have been active in the Marshalls for over 40 years, and currently have nine sisters working in Majuro and the outer islands. The order has sisters at three of its own outer island elementary schools on Wotje, Arno and Jaluit, is administering the Likiep public elementary school, and has staff at Assumption Schools.

P18 Private sector advice Private Industry Council chairman Joel Phillip gave some good advice to youth summer workers last week: “Be on time,” he said. Sr. Dorothy Nook, President of CMI, said the job program was very competitive this year, with more than 800 youth applying for just 250 jobs.

P21 Important message The different contraceptives available in the Marshall Islands was the message of a song/skit put on by Youth to Youth in Health members for an attentive audience of Majuro Middle School students recently. Mine Kojet and Doristhy Daniel “mimed” a counselor and a client at the family planning clinic, while the band sang along.

Journal 6/11/2004

P3 Putting on Olympic smiles President Kessai Note met with Guam’s National Olympic Committee President Rick Blas Tuesday to show his support for the admission of the Marshall Islands NOC into the International Olympic Committee.

P4 Johnston goods arrive A shipment of nine containers worth of goods as well as numerous vehicles, fuel tanks, fire trucks and a garbage incinerator arrived in Majuro from Johnston Island this week. It is the second and final installment of goods provided by the US government to the RMI from Johnston Island, which has now closed down operations of incinerating nerve gas.

P14 Weather Station blown down island It’s official: The Majuro Weather Station will be moving to a location next to the airport reservoir. The Weather Station has been without a lease on its current location for more than two years, and Delap landowners have demanded that the facility move from the land because of the government’s refusal to consider higher rental payments.