$70m sent from the US to Marshalls

Journal 9/24/1973

P1 Distad to follow up Del Monte Marshalls District Administrator Oscar deBrum and Marshall Islands Development Authority representative Charles Domnick left Majuro Saturday for the mainland US to reopen negotiations with Del Monte Corporation, San Francisco, concerning a planned tuna fishing operation in the Marshalls.

P5 40% accuracy lauded I have noted your five sentence article about the developing Marshalls-Carolines-Marianas ship repair facility in Peleliu. Of the five sentences, two contained correct information — giving you a 40 percent accuracy score. This is considerably better than you ofttimes score when you are using your news columns to editorialize about subjects which seem to bore you — like economic development and human dignity in Micronesia. Please check your civics book to learn the difference between the US Senate and the Hawaii State Senate. Aloha, “Commodore” Wayne Thiessen, Honolulu

Journal 9/25/1992

P1 End of an era Oscar deBrum’s retirement, after close to 40 years of service to the Trust Territory and Marshall Islands governments, marked the end of an era in the Marshalls. Earlier this week, the Nitijela honored the retiring Chief Secretary with a resolution.

P5 $70 million from US to Marshalls That’s right, $70 million, was sent to the Marshall Islands by the US government last Tuesday, a whopping $5 million more than is being currently agonized over in Nitijela as our lawmakers wrestle with next year’s budget. Only one hitch is that the $70 million didn’t come in the form of cash. No, it was just an Air Force launched “Peacekeeper” missile. It traveled 4,200 miles and arrived here approximately 25 minutes after liftoff.

P10 Outer islands transportation The PII/McConnell Dowell joint venture celebrated arrival of its LCU, which will deliver construction materials and equipment to the outer islands. It will get right down to business with the start of the fisheries development project on Ailinglaplap next month. On hand for the ceremony was Speaker Kessai Note, PII’s Jerry Kramer, and McConnell Dowell’s Alan Bell.

P16 Welcome contribution Bank of Hawaii’s branch loan officer Lester Nakamoto handed over a $3,000 check to Interior Secretary Carmen Bigler. The check is to support the voyaging canoe work of the Waan Aelon Kein (Canoes of These Islands) Project.

Journal 9/19/2003

P2 School lock out leaves students on the streets A fast developing train of events raced through the RMI capital this past week, resulting in what appears to be a sort of resolution to the month-long delay in getting Delap Elementary School operating. On Tuesday, Minister of Education Wilfred Kendall decided to send the locked-out 500 DES children to Rita and Rairok elementary schools. This follows a month where DES children appeared to have been abandoned by the Ministry of Education in a deadlock between landowners and the ministry. The previous lease expired in 2000 and has not yet been renewed.