A day for celebration

Ministry of Health and Human Services staff recently celebrated the opening of a new ICU unit for children in the Pediatrics Ward at Majuro hospital. Photo: Bolden Elanzo.


It was an unforgettable day for the Ministry of Health and Human Services staff and leaders last month as they witnessed five functions taking place in one day at Majuro hospital.

A one-hour press conference was held with MOHHS leaders urging people to get the Covid vaccine that is now available.

This was followed by the International Organization of Migration providing a special handover outside the hospital supply office, giving MOHHS supplies worth $40,000.

The donations were funded by USAID as infection prevention and control (IPC) material for Covid preparedness and response, specifically for quarantine and isolation.

Following this, there were two dedication ceremonies: inside the new-look pediatrics ward and outside the Wellness Center in the parking lot, which also had a new look: a balloon infested new vehicle.

The first dedication was a new ICU for children in the pediatrics ward that is complete with ventilators, vital sign monitors, special ICU beds made just for children and other equipment.

The other dedication was a new SUV that will help bring in nurses and other workers into the hospital late at night for their shifts, and then take them home after work.
They ended their incredible day by joining the walkathon that took place at Delap Park to mark Cancer Month.


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