ADB: Worse yet to come

Journal 3/16/1984

P3 Hotel completion by January 1985 “It will have a beautiful glass and marble facade,” according to Joe Bertoni, project engineer, who is building the new 60-room Nauru hotel. If all materials arrive on schedule, he said the structural part of the project will be complete by January 1985. Half of the rooms will be available for occupancy by the middle of next year.

P10 Beat the Champ Danny Wase Saturday’s Beat the Champ Pool Tournament was a big success for the Limjelele Club. Only three were able to beat Danny: Carlon H, Dusty L, and Telesa T. They each won a case of beer. Thanks Harry for the wonderful entertainment and good pupus, we hope you’ll do it again soon.

Journal 3/22/1996

P1 125 jobs at govt hotel Marshallese living in the US are being recruited to work at the government’s new hotel, which will be hiring up to 125 workers. Outrigger Hotels, which is managing the hotel for the government, is actively recruiting Marshallese living in Hawaii and California to work at the hotel in Majuro as well as hiring locally, according to Laverne Salvador, the hotel’s manager.

P1 Orphaned private sector Local business leaders told a high level ADB group that they don’t have adequate access into policy decisions pushed by the ADB that affect Marshall Islands businesses. 

P6 Muller: Congress supports ‘7 atoll’ medical program US Senate leaders are backing a Marshall Islands bid to have the “four atoll” medical program expanded to include more northern islands, and to legislate other recommendations of President Bill Clinton’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, according to Foreign Minister Phillip Muller. “Even if the process takes time, we believe that we’ve got support in Washington that other atolls need to be included in the medical program,” Muller said.

P9 ADB: RMI should prepare for worst case The board of directors of the Asian Development Bank visited Majuro this week, a visit that put the Marshall Islands government’s economic woes in the spotlight. ADB team leader Daniel Besson said the economic situation here is “very serious.” Reforms must be implemented now so that they can be done gradually to lessen the negative impact on the Marshallese people, he said. Large reductions in government workers, raised taxes, and privatizing services currently provided free or nearly free by government are among the reforms that must take place in the Marshalls, and the sooner the better, he said.

P10 Tribunal hits $45m limit with no slowdown in sight Nearly $45 million has been awarded to 1,211 Marshall Islanders for nuclear test related health claims. A total of 1,400 awards for $44.3 million have been awarded. The Tribunal has actually paid only 55 percent of this total, or close to $25 million, because it is attempting to reserve some funds to pay land claims. Claims already approved have now accounted for virtually every penny of the Tribunal’s $45 million compensation fund established by the Compact.

Journal 3/23/2007

P3 Olympic swimming pool? Pacific International Inc. is building Majuro’s first Olympic standard swimming pool next to the government capital building … well, not really, though no doubt the National Olympic Committee would be delighted if it was true. It is just the opening phase of construction work for the Taiwan-funded new International Conference Center. The high tide view of the site gives an indication of the immense fresh water lens in this area of Delap.

P19 Time for the Coconut Cup Nine traditional canoes, 10 cruising yachts, two windsurfers, and one dinghy are expected to race in the 10th annual Coconut Cup regatta this Saturday on Majuro lagoon. 


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