Ading: We need jail progress

The Nitijela opening ceremony in early August. President David Kabua, at the speaker’s podium (far left) addresses the nation. Photo: Eve Burns.

Prior to Nitijela recessing August 28, Enewetak Member of Parliament Jack Ading asked for an update on the new Majuro jail project.

Ading noted that a groundbreaking ceremony had been held for the over $1 million jail improvement project late last year. “It’s been almost a year (since the groundbreaking) and nothing has happened,” he said.

He asked if the Cabinet was taking any action to move the project forward, urging the government to push ahead with the project at the earliest opportunity.

Although the government awarded a contract for the work last year, the project became mired in a land dispute.

Responding to Ading’s comments, Justice Minister Kessai Note said there was an issue with the lease that was being looked into. He said the Attorney General had submitted a request to Cabinet to approve the use of eminent domain for the benefit of the public and government on this piece of property. Note indicated this request is under review by Cabinet.

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