Adrift at sea for 36 days

December 30, 1983

P1 Peace Park under construction in Ajeltake Since last month, a construction project by Tokai Kogyo Co. Ltd. of Japan has been underway on the causeway just past Iaman’s Take Out at the beginning of Ajeltake. The project is construction of a Japanese Peace Park.

P9 Gilbertese man adrift for 36 days A man who survived only on bird, turtle and fish was recently rescued by a Japanese fishing boat after drifting for 36 days, according to the Kiribati newspaper, the Ukera. Tetuai Bina, from the northern-most island in the Kiribati group called Little Makin, drifted away some weeks ago while fishing. According to Tetuai, he survived on turtle and bird flesh, their blood, and his faith. He was picked up by Susies Maru No. 8 about 400 miles north of Makin.

Journal 12/31/1993

P1 Chinese catch too many fish for AMI Chinese longliners last week helped the Marshalls to haul in the second biggest tuna catch ever in one week. The Chinese fishing boats brought in their first catch last week, accounting for close to two-thirds of the 55,530 pounds of yellowfin tuna exported on Air Marshall Islands. There was to much tuna for AMI to haul on Saturday’s DC-8 flight, AMI General Manager Steve Fulk said. The fleet arrived in Majuro earlier in the month.

P3 1993 timeline January: US Drug Enforcement Agency confirms packages found on Bikini beach contain cocaine; February: MALGov targets trash problem; April: $18.8 million phone system online; Dado Guaschino returns; May: More packages of cocaine found, this time on Rongelap; September: 26 percent decrease in births recorded over five-year period; Nitijela passes FY1994 budget of $73.5 million; December: Kabua vs. Kabua court case dismissed; first of estimated 103 Chinese longliners arrive; RMI and People’s Republic of China sign garment factory joint venture; Department of Energy declassifies data concerning nuclear tests in the Marshalls

P11 Parents face stiff fines in court Eleven parents were charged late last week in Majuro for crimes allegedly committed by their juvenile children. They are the first to be charged under a new law that came into effect in October that is placing responsibility for the lawlessness of youth on their parents.

Journal 12/31/2004

P3 Visa violators under attack by AG’s Jack Three more Chinese nationals were charged this week with overstaying their visas, as Assistant Attorney General Jack Jorbon continued the AG office’s campaign to rein in the number of illegal aliens in the country. Since December 2003, Jorbon has filed nearly 30 criminal cases against alleged visa overstays from the People’s Republic of China — which represents nearly 40 percent of all criminal cases filed during the period.

P16 New story about Kramer’s village Pacific International Inc. is soon to add 24 more apartment units to its Lojkar Village area in Rairok. PII’s Jerry Kramer confirmed that the company is putting up a new three-story complex across front he existing apartment block.

P17 Heaps of fun at the Matsuri Festival Local residents were treated to a trip to Japan Monday afternoon courtesy of the Japanese Embassy and the Japanese community. The annual Matsuri Festival, which celebrates Japanese culture, was hosted at the Youth to Youth in Health center showcasing everything Japanese from food and games to dress and performances.

P19 What a load of garbage Majuro’s garbage situation deteriorated during the Christmas period, with over-flowing and unsightly dumpsters all around Majuro. Pickups were delayed for days because the new dumpsite in Rairok filled up and a new landfill area wasn’t ready. Public Works is now preparing the ocean side reef flat between the old dump area in Batkan and the start of Rairok for the new landfill.

P28 The worst of Are You Aware That the truly gorgeous, talented and extraordinarily hard-working staff of this prestigious publication all wish you a hippy, hoppy, happy New Year?