Airport terminal plan developing

An architect’s rendition of the inside of the proposed new Amata Kabua International Airport terminal building.
Architect’s rendition of outside terminal building at eye level.

There is renewed progress for a new airport terminal in Majuro.

The RMI Ports Authority late last week posted an architect’s conceptual view of a new two-story terminal for Amata Kabua International Airport along with a request for public comments by May 1.

Ports Authority “is in discussion with Japan International Cooperation Agency for the design and construction of the new airport terminal building which is now under review and consideration,” the Ports announcement said. The new facility is to include other components such as construction of new cargo buildings and a new two-story parking structure.

While a major portion of the new terminal facility is to be funded by Japan, “some portions will be funded and carried out by the RMI,” said Ports.

“The new airport terminal building will be built at the same location or footprint of the existing airport terminal building,” Ports said. This will follow the current building being demolished.

Before construction work for the new airport terminal building is started, a temporary terminal facility will be designed and constructed at AKIA and “operated for about a year and half such that air carrier operations — AMI, United Airlines, Nauru Airlines and other airlines — can continue without any disruptions,” Ports said.

“Construction of the new airport terminal building is scheduled to start in FY2025,” Ports said.


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