Alvin Nixes court papers

Jacklick nixes court papers Kwajalein Mayor Alvin Jacklick last week refused to deliver court papers to Kwajalein landowners

Journal 3/7/1986

P1 Expectant Young elementary school students from Majuro stand expectantly for the Journal camera as news of an unprecedentedly large $145 million budget appropriation was broadcast over RepMar radio WSZO. These children, and thousands like them, will be overwhelmingly affected by the implementation of the new political relationship with the United States, a relationship that will alter, unquestionably, every fabric of society now covering the tiny islands we call home.

P6 Medevac budget slashed The Nitijela attacked the skyrocketing medical federal program head on in the now-approved 1986 budget by putting a ceiling of $632,000 for referrals ion 1986. The referral program reached a spending peak of $2.6 million in 1985 and was strongly criticized by the Task Force on Health for siphoning meager resources away from other important primary care programs in the Marshalls.

P12 Jacklick nixes court papers Kwajalein Mayor Alvin Jacklick last week refused to deliver court papers to Kwajalein landowners arrested at Kwajalein Missile Range two weeks ago, stating that “it would be inappropriate as well as unconscionable for us to be involved in the delivery of any papers relating” too the KMR Kwajalein Community Court. “We do not sanction the attempted prosecution of Kwajalein landowners for the lawful act of occupying their own land,” he continued. “My personal view is that the arrests and beatings inflicted on February 15 on my constituents and members of my family, including my wife, were kidnappings and assaults and batteries, probably in violation of both Marshall Islands law and relevant portions of Title 18 of the United States Code.” The trial date for the eight, including Senator Ataji Balos and Alap Handel Dribo, charged with trespassing and assault and battery was March 6, but has been indefinitely postponed.

Journal 3/6/1998

P1 Triple punch for Ailinglaplap The combination of damage from Typhoon Paka and the sever El Niño drought could compel a majority of Ailinglaplap islanders to leave their atoll “for the duration of the crisis unless assistance is promptly rendered,” said a report prepared for US officials. Ailinglaplap was hard hit by the early December typhoon, and typhoon damage has been compounded by the drought and copra price cuts that went from 16 to nine cents per pound.

P7 Focus on nuclear tests There’s a new class at CMI this semester. According to teacher Holly Barker, “Nuclear Testing in the Pacific” is aimed at giving students an overview of the history of testing, not only in this country but in the South Pacific region.

P11 Big opening heralds vibrancy of custom The grand opening of the Marshallese Cultural Center at Kwajalein las month offered many American Army base residents their first real glimpse of island culture through demonstrations of many kinds in cookhouses and around the grounds of the center. The grand opening also featured the voyaging canoe built by the Ujae community three years ago, which was recently transferred from Majuro to Kwajalein. “One of the most impressive parts of the program was the greeting chant by Alap Ato Lankeo from Wotho who mesmerized the audience with the power and rhythm of his words,” said center Director Cris Lindborg, a long-time Kwajalein resident.

P12 RMI urged to move ahead The Marshall Islands was recognized by international donor governments and agencies for actions it has taken to implement reforms, and also urged to move ahead more quickly with the reform program to stabilize government’s financial situation.

Journal 3/6/2009

P1 Fly on the wall The Kili/AMI lament: Tuesday: “I’m suffering, can’t take much more of the ramen ’n donut diet. B there about 1:30pm, God and Dash-8 willing.” One hour later: “I think the plane is cancelled again.” Ten minutes later: “All flights cancelled.” Wednesday: “Plane is set 2 arrive on Kili @ 9:40, but they said that Monday 2. Should be in office by 1pm, but then again, I should have been in Majuro on Monday.” One hour later: “Plane is here, God exists.” 10 minutes later: “Plane broken on Kili. Pouring rain. Twas not 2 b. Wake me up. This is not happening. I swear after I get back to Majuro I will never again fly AMI. Never.” We text, recommending: “Keep praying.” Reply from Kili: “Tried that already.”


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