Amata buys Saab planes

TW-pic-6-3Journal 6/6/1975

P2 ‘The negotiations have failed’ “We have arrived at a dead end. The negotiations have failed,” Senator Wilfred Kendall told the UN concerning Micronesia’s future status negotiations last week. Senator Kendall, a special advisor to the US delegation at the 42nd UN Trusteeship Council, said Micronesia’s objectives of “free association” with the US will never be fulfilled and said, “Micronesia must begin to make an agonizing reappraisal of our future course.”

P2 Marshalls local news Many local residents may have noticed that the airport is now lighted at night. This marks the completion of a project to extend power from the district center power plant to the new airport. The extension was officially energized on May 28. It will not be long before residents of Long Island and the area behind the old airport (Delap) are hooked unto the Majuro power system.

Journal 6/7/1991

P1 Malnutrtion rampant Two thirds of all children in the Marshall Islands are malnourished or under nourished, according to the results of the Ministry of Health’s first national nutrition survey.

P2 Proud MALGov police, council members, and staff pose with new police vehicles that will mean more patrols and less crime.

P11 Tribunal ready to start payments this summer The first Nuclear Claims Tribunal compensation payment sot radiation victims in the Marshall Islands are planned to begin later this summer. Tribunal chairman sebastian Aloot said the compensation plan the Tribunal is proposing will be reviewed by the Cabinet and other officials within the week, with late June the target for officially announcing the plan.

P12 Outrigger canoe, best buy for the money Thinking about a fishing boat? A 14 foot aluminum craft with a 9hp Yamaha outboard could to the trick for $5,671. A fiberglass boat with the same size motor will cost you about the same. What about a 14.5 foot outrigger canoe with a 15 yard dacron sail? According to Dennis Alessio, manager of Alele’s Waan Aelon Kein project, it could cost you less than $500.The plywood hull outrigger canoe of this size recently constructed by Namdrik islanders under Alessio’s tutelage cost exactly $438.81.

P18 ‘Outdated’ 748 becomes AMI’s number one breadwinner “The 748 has provided sterling service,” said Air Marshall Islands director of flight operations Roger Stretton. “It is probably the most reliable airplane of its type.” The problem with the 748 is that it is based on older technology, which means it’s a little slower and uses a little more fuel. The President Amata Kabua has already signed an agreement for two Saab 2000 aircraft (at $13 million each). Chief pilot John Nash said: “We operate in the world’s worst environment for aircraft. It might be better to stick with older, proven technology.”

Journal 6/9/2000

P1 Interior scorched by GAO report The US General Accounting Office criticized the Interior Department for its inability to accurately report on the $2.6 billion in funding provided to the Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia under the Compacts since 1986. The just-released report — “Better Accountability Needed Over US Assistance to Micronesia and the Marshall Islands” — is the first in a series of GAO audits of federal spending in the RMI and FSM that is being conducted at the request of the US Congress.