Amata tired of lazy folks

Journal 8/10/1984

P10 9 to 5 wins 1984 championship Nine to Five is the 1984 women’s softball champions after eliminating all teams they met in the double elimination tournament. They downed Dri-Malal Saturday by the score of 10-4 to keep their record clean with no losses. 

P10 Tourney winner Una Watak walked away $45 richer Friday night after beating Karik in the Limjelele eight-ball tournament finals. Fifteen of Majuro’s best billiard players were on hand for the weekly event: In addition to Una and Karik, Edina, Dusty, Tommy, Peter, Shiro, Nokko, Jelong, Harry, Ronald, Luke, Lester, Damaso, Walton.

Journal 8/9/1996

P5 Amata Kabua: No more sitting around President Amata Kabua told the nation that people must work to develop the economy. They cannot just sit back and expect to collect a pay check. The President addressed the opening of the current Nitijela session on Monday. He said he was tired of hearing President Kennedy’s famous words — “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” — from people who were only mouthing these words but not doing what Kennedy meant when he said this.  The Marshall Islands must change to a market economy if the country is to move forward.

P6 See you later Marshall Islands forward Robert Pinho was named to the Micronesian Basketball Tournament all-star team in Kosrae for his outstanding play.

P12 Jackie wins Only nine boats entered the Marshalls Billfish Club’s “light tackle” tournament last weekend, a sign of protest against the changed rules for the competition. Nevertheless, the day was perfect for Jackie Jacobs and the MEC Brits Too team who took first place with a 252 pound marlin. The winning billfish was caught on 50-pound line.

P12 Palauans are returning Palau Vice President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. is returning to Majuro in two weeks to defend his fishing title in the fourth annual Mobil All-Micronesia Fishing Tournament. And he’s bringing a second Palau team with him. The two Majuro team captains — Atjang Paul winner Bwiji Aliven and President’s Cup runner up Timothy Anok — won’t only have the Palauans to compete with. The Mobil All-Mike is getting bigger each year. MBC official Billy Roberts said in addition to Palau, there will be two teams each from Guam, Kiribati and Ebeye, and one team from Pohnpei and Nauru.

P14 MEC wants tourists A festive air surrounded the opening and dedication of a new apartment/hotel on Jabor Island in Jaluit Atoll. The Marshalls Energy Company financed the building of the stylish looking two-story facility that includes two bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room, and first class plumbing. “This building is not for Billy Roberts,” said MEC General Manager Billy Roberts at the dedication. “It’s a hotel. We want to try and get tourists to visit Jaluit.” The hotel is named in memory of George “Sawij” John, a long-time MEC power plant supervisor.

Journal 8/10/2007

P1 Ouch! Judge drops a bomb on Bikini In a landmark 64-page ruling last week, US Judge Christine Miller dismissed nuclear claims lawsuits brought against the us government by Bikini and Enewetak. “We’re toast,” was the reaction of one official involved in the suits from the Marshall Islands side.

P11 Coop’s class of 1995 Majuro Coop School’s class of 1995 got together recently for a class reunion, which included dinner at the Marshall Islands Resort, followed by the Lanai for karaoke. Present were Jay Plasman, Melissa Kramer, Yoko Lokboj, Derrick Milne, Anela Hernandez, Lani Milne, Damien Jacklick and Ingrid Kabua.

P19 Kyle, Ben win the big MBC bucks Kyle Aliven, skipper of Dragon, and Ben Reimers, skipper of XXXX, both won $890 on Saturday for bringing in the most pounds and the biggest fish, respectively.

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