An amazing ‘dry’ season

TW-3-25Journal 4/2/1976

P6 Working hard

The Marshall Islands Nitijela is entering its third week of the 23rd Regular Session continuing a brisk and business like tenor with fully 119 pieces of legislation under consideration.

Most significant of developments so far is the double resignations of Iroijs Albert Loeak and Joba Kabua, both of whom withdrew from active participation for health reasons. Kotak Loeak and Henry Samuel have been named to replace the two iroij.

Passed was a $5,000 bill to pay for a delegation of Enewetak representatives to go to Washington.

Journal 3/29/1991

P2 Don’t expect a quick fix from pilot project By Giff Johnson

The Marshalls education system is trying to revitalize its schools with community-based decision-making and involvement. It is following in the footsteps of several states in America, including Hawaii, which now have several years experience in the process. Their observation? Don’t expect a quick fix that will produce earthshaking results overnight.

P3 Upward bound

Caption accompanying a photo of construction taking place in Delap: Mako goes up another floor. It took just over 24 hours and 230 cu. Yd. of concrete from PII to pour the second floor of Mako’s building located across from Mieco Beach. A crane was used to the raise the concrete to its destination.

P5 Students tour Kiribati ship By Tom Panholzer

The first group of locally trained Marshallese student seamen toured the Nei Mataburo, the Kiribati passenger/cargo ship used for training Kirbati seamen. Instructor and acting technical advisor Mabini C. Hernandez said that 22 Marshallese men, aged 18 to 22 are in this first class.

He said that originally there were 25 men in the class, but one broke his leg, another required an operation, and a third went to the US.

Journal 3/31/2000

P1 Down Under slam dunk

The Australian government has given a major boost to the Micronesian Basketball Tournament and to sports in general in the Marshall Islands.

The Australian Embassy in Pohnpei this week announced approval of a $35,500 grant to upgrade equipment at the Educational Cultural Center to an international standard of play.

P5 Chicken — our golden egg?

The demand for fresh eggs and fresh chicken meat could sustain a private sector poultry operation, according to a poultry specialist from Israel who visited the Marshall Islands recently. Eran Ararat said that the past operation of an egg farm in Laura demonstrated that production of eggs is not a problem in the Marshall Islands. Moreover, while producing chicken ‘broilers’ is a little more difficult, it is equally feasible, he said.

P6 It’s dry

This dry season is truly amazing. First huge unseasonal rainfall in January and February, then finally dry weather set in during March. Well, we got the water report from MWSC this week to learn that there are still 23.5 million gallons of water in the reservoir. That’s like a three week supply (daily pumping), which should mean we can sail through normally dry April and get back the rainy season without running the reservoir to the danger zone. That level of water this far in the the ‘dry’ season makes us feel good (and clean) all over. Of course, here is a downside to all this water: perfume and deodorant sales — which normally boom during the dry season here — are no doubt really slow this year.

P8 Note and Co. head to Fiji

President Kessai Note is in Fiji this week, one of three heads of state in the Pacific speaking at a parliamentarians conference on good governance and accountability.

Note is the only head of state from the Micronesian region speaking.

He is accompanied by Finance Minister Mike Konelios, Speaker Litokwa Tomeing, Vice Speaker Jurelang Zedkaia, and Senators Chrisopher Loeak and Norman Matthew.

P24 Are You Aware?

THAT Marshalls Dive Adventures’ Satoshi Yoshii reports that so far this year more than 50 Japanese divers have visited Majuro, which is the same number for the whole of 1999, and that he and MIVA’s Ben Graham are off to Tokyo next week to attend the Marine Diving Fair to attract even more divers for 2001?