AMI, council work together on diving Bikini

TW-pic-3-24Journal 3/28/1975

P2 Airport land

The Trust Territory Government paid private landowners $160 per acre a year for airport land. Length: 25 years, renewable, with price subject to renegotiation.

P7 Murder charge in Majuro

In what has been dubbed the first murder trial in the Marshals, Alex (Namar) Milne has been charged with first degree murder in the death March 18 of Delwin Michael. The indicdent took place on Jaluit. According to Marshalls District attorney Harley Earwicker, an order silencing all witnesses is in effect. Milne is expected to be tried before a jury, another first in that only one land case has been heard by a jury in the Marshalls. Milne was brought to Majuro by the government to stand trial. He is presently free on $300 bail.

Journal 3/27/1992

P1 Baby boom on the wane?

The number of babies born each year at the Majuro hospital have been steadily declining since 1987, leading the nursing staff to believe that Majuro’s population explosion may be slowly receding. The first two months of 1992 produced just 100 babies, the lowest total in years — and a 27 percent drop over the same months in 1991. If the rest of the year were to follow January and February totals, Majuro would have just 600 births for the year, a 33 percent drop from 1987.

P5 RMI seeking UNDP aid for skills training

The Marshall Islands is seeking a substantial grant from the United Nations development Program to launch the National Training Council in the Marshall Islands, the Minister of Education said. Currently the director’s post is being funded through a grant from the Department of Interior. The Marshalls has requested UNDP aid to hire vocational teachers and to buildclassroom facilities for the national skills training.

P14 AMI-Bikinians eye dive deal

The first group tours of American divers are expected to begin arriving in the Marshalls later this year in a deal that is being arranged by Air Marshall Islands with the Bikini Council. AMI marketing manager David Tejada said that the program is being put together with an American company, Global Dive Management, and will utilize a live-aboard boat in Bikini Atoll.

Journal 3/24/2000

P1 Jack ’n Jerry get board posts

One the same day that Jack Niedenthal’s sharply critical article on Social Security appeared in the Journal — in which he said he’d fire everyone at Social Security because its accounts are in such disarray that it can’t be audited — he was appointed to the board of directors of the government agency. Meanwhile, local businessman Jerry Kramer has been named to the Air Marshall Islands board of directors, replacing Ramsey Reimers who resigned last week.

P7 Kenneth tops MBC Jackpot tournament

Four winners split the Marshalls Billfish Club Jackpot  prize money in last Saturday’s fishing tourney.

Kenneth Kramer caught the only qualifying marlin, a 186-pounder, to win the marlin category. Lazarus Andrike reeled in a hefty 39-pound wahoo, while Redmon Simeon caught a 37-pound barracuda and Freddy Chong Gum a nice 91-pound yellowfin to each win a share of the jackpot.

P9 Vote forJack

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the very critical lashing given by Mr. Jack Niedenthal.

Thank You. Thank you. Thank you. President Note: Please hire this man!


Tom Butler, Majuro.