AMI’s DC-8 is on its way

Journal 12/28/1973

P1 Why should Micronesia suffer? Senator John Mangefel of Yap feels that Micronesia should not be able to suffer because of US policies over which it has no control. Citing the current fuel crisis, which is affecting Micronesia along with many parts of the world including the United States, the Senator asked: “Why should Micronesia be involved in a crisis which pertains to Israel when we the Micronesians had absolutely nothing to do with it?”

P7 CCM — ‘Growing into its name’ At an evening meal in the school cafeteria, an experimental closed circuit television news broadcast is underway. The newscasters are Marshallese and the program is interspersed with Chamorro guitar music and an interview with the local deputy director of education. The student audience at the Ponape school, most of which has never before seen television, is captivated. Unique. This is the only way to describe the Community College of Micronesia, an education center which draws its students from six distinct cultural areas from the Marshall, Mariana and Caroline Island archipelagos.

Journal 12/22/1989

P1 Car crashes rivaling syphilis Of all the problems (population, suicides, alcohol abuse, school drop outs, spoiled environment) facing the Marshalls these days, traffic accident are becoming so numerous they are joining other “top five” problems, reports the National Police.

P1 Piggot: Tennekone was great At a High Court and Bar Association dinner Saturday, departing Chief Justice AD Tennekone was hailed as a martyr to the independence of the judiciary who leaves a legacy of standing against abuses of power. Nuclear Claims Tribnal Judge Bruce Piggott said Tennekone had “played his part in laying the foundation for an independent judiciary.”

P3 Journal praised for vigilance Chief Justice AD Tennekone said freed of the press is one of the fundamentals of a free and democratic nation, and praised the Marshall Islands Journal for its vigilance in providing news to the community. “In the Marshall Islands, the press has risen to this responsibility. The Journal is very vigilant to report things fairly and give construction criticism.”

P3 AMI jet to Hawaii Air Marshall Islands new DC-8 is arriving in Honolulu this week, according to Jim Broom, manager of Marshall Islands Development Authority. The plane has been painted with AMI colors and carries the Marshall Islands flag.

P12 Nauru’s new president The Republic of Nauru has a new president, its third in four months. Bernard Dowiyogo is the new president. He won election from Nauru’s long-time leader Hammer deRobert.

P13 Government breaks ground for new capital complex Acting President Kunio Lemari picks up the first shovelful of dirt at the construction site for the capital building, as Interior Secretary Carmen Bigler looks on. A groundbreaking ceremony last week officially launched the project, which will take over two years to complete.

Journal 12/26/2003

P4 Bush signs Compact Last Thursday, President George W. Bush signed the Compact of Free Association Amendments Act 2003 into law at the White House. “I applaud President Bush for supporting…a Compact that brings our countries prosperity and progress,” said President Kessai Note.

P7 Government predicts building boom Compact capital improvement funding is expected to breathe life into the RMI’s slumping construction industry by the middle of 2004. A total of $13.9 million in first year Compact funding is set for construction work, nearly all of it for public schools.