Anjanette to Taiwan

New Taiwan Ambassador Anjanette Kattil, flanked by Acting President Chris Loeak and Foreign Minister Kitlang Kabua and joined by family and friends, was sworn in for service last week by Chief Justice Carl Ingram at the ICC. Speaker Kenneth Kedi is at far left.

New Marshall Islands Ambassador Anjanette Kattil was sworn in last Wednesday to begin her tour of duty as ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan) and non-resident ambassador to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore.

President David Kabua and First Lady Ginger Kabua alongside Minister Christopher Loeak and Speaker Kenneth Kedi were on hand for the event at the ICC.

Foreign Minister Kitlang Kabua officially presented Ambassador Kattil as the new ambassador to Taiwan and offered heartfelt congratulations for her appointment and dedication to the ministry and the people of the Marshall Islands.

Kattil has been Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the past several years. The Taiwan ambassadorial assignment will not be new waters to tread for Ambassador Kattil who is a career diplomat and has been with the ministry since 2005, under seven different administrations. She previously worked as Deputy Chief of Mission in the RMI Embassy in Taiwan.

Kattil thanked President Kabua, Cabinet members, her father Irooj Jimata Kabua, her husband and their children, her extended family, MoFAT staff, her friends and most importantly her mentor, former Ambassador Neijon Edwards whom she worked with for 18 years.

Kattil is expected to leave for Taipei later this summer.


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