Christmas lights a hit

These young folks enjoyed the colorful decorations and light displays at the capital lighting ceremony December 18. Hundreds of people attended the annual event sponsored by the First Lady Ginger Kabua and the wives of ministers and members of Nitijela. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Christmas in Majuro wouldn’t be Christmas without the Christmas lighting hosted by the First Lady and the wives of the senators and ministers of the Nitijela.
“Christ is born today,” said Speaker Kenneth Kedi during his remarks on behalf of the Nitijela and government. “Which is why we celebrate this moment, to light up the Marshall Islands to show that Christ is born today.”

Young and old came to witness the momentous occasion last Friday. As the countdown for the Christmas lights to flicker reached zero, the beauty of the dazzling shimmering illumination embellished the capital building, and caused kids to start running all over the place.

People were seen taking photos, having some delicious snacks and candies, and some great booths like CMI’s Whoville — their version of of the infamous Grinch — or a generous donation of Christmas items by the samaritan purse booth. Government ministries and NGOs were well represented with booths providing food and other gifts to people attending.
Everyone was having a jolly time and enjoying the Christmas spirit in Majuro.


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