Artistic approach to climate issues

In the early stages of the two-week Jo Jikum Youth Seminar, Tristan Horuichi, right, led an ice breaker game for participants. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Since the launch of Jo Jikum’s two-week Climate Change and Health Arts Seminar July 20, students immersed themselves in four courses led by five professional instructors.

Among the creative offerings in this year’s summer program:

• Poetry: This course is instructed by none other than climate change activist and world-renown poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. She is known for her inspiring poetry that have been displayed across the world, especially at the United Nations. Poetry is a literary work of special intensity which is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.

• Painting: This course is led by the creativity of talented artists Aravapeo Leo and Debby Schutz. Aravapeo is known for his amazing work as a painter of theatrical sets for Youth Bridge Global’s production of Carousel and King & I as well as murals in many parts of Majuro. Debby is renowned for her artwork in school and various competitions.

• Songwriting: This is supervised by one of the well-known local singers in the RMI Barab Harris. He produced hit songs like “it’s not you,” “naan ko am,” and other chart-toppers.

• Weaving: This course is led by a master of traditional weaving in Majuro, “Super Bubu” (grandma) Susan Jieta. She instructs the traditional art of weaving. Susan is well known for her part in the revival of the tradition of jaki-ed, the distinctive finely woven clothing mats of the Marshall Islands that were on the verge of extinction.

With these five professional instructors on board, it is hoped that the students excel and improve their knowledge about climate change and health related arts through painting, poetry, traditional weaving, and song writing.

The seminar wraps up July 31.


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