Auditors investigate fraud complaints

The RMI Auditor General’s office in Majuro.
The RMI Auditor General’s office in Majuro.

During the July to December period last year, people reported eight new instances of corrupt practices involving public officials and government workers.

“We continue to review all known allegations of fraud reported to us, including those we come across in our audit engagements,” RMI Auditor General Junior Patrick reported to Nitijela last week in the 80th Semi-Annual Report to Nitijela. “During this period, we recorded a total of eight new complaints and allegations involving public officials and government employees. The allegations relate to abuse of office, cyber harassment, check forgery, tax evasion, theft, and misappropriation of public funds and assets.”

Patrick also said that audit investigators “completed one investigation which is now under final review before it is referred to appropriate authorities for further proceedings.” He added there are currently eight open investigations in various stages.

“Our investigations will continue for other allegations recorded and the results will be referred directly to the Attorney-General when we have grounds to believe that criminal laws have been violated and other instances where civil recovery proceedings would be appropriate,” he said. “Matters requiring administrative proceedings will be referred to the appropriate authorities in accordance with the revised Audit Act.”


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