Big Hotel plan underway

Journal 3/18/1983

P1 Majuro channel bridge open The Japan Grant Project Bridge for the RMI officially opened March 15 for motorists and will be open later for small boats when the channel under the bridge is completed. Before the ribbing cutting by First Lady Emlain Kabua, there were speeches by Public Works Minister Kunar Abner, President Amata Kabua, Irooj Joba Kabua, Nitijela Speaker Atlan Anien, and Mr. K. Hoki, consultant for the Japan engineering firm for the bridge.

P1 Ebeye called ‘disaster waiting to happen’ Representative John Seiberling warned February 28 the island of Ebeye in Kwajalein is a “disaster waiting to happen.” He said sanitary conditions there are so bad that cholera could break out among its 8,000 residents and spread to American families living on the atoll’s namesake island where the United States has headquarter for an important missile testing facility. Trust Territory High Commissioner Janet McCoy said that is unlikely because Kwajalein has good sanitary facilities. She said a sewer project is under way under the RMI to improve sanitary conditions on Ebeye.

P11 Women’s credit union The Cabinet Friday approved the charter of what will be the first women’s credit union in the Marshalls. To be called the Marshall Islands Women’s Credit Union, it will be run and managed by women.

Journal 3/24/1995 

P1 Ebeye Ace blockade The move to evict Robert Reimers Enterprises from Buoj weto, Ebeye, was made by landowners because they decided they wanted the land for their own use, according to Senator Rellong Lemari, who is acting on behalf of alab Edison Levai. “The landowners decided to repossess the land to develop it for our own use.” Ramsey Reimers, RRE’s chief executive officer, said: “This is land that we have a solid lease on. But if we’re not wanted, maybe we should to elsewhere where people want us.”

P3 Middle School moves to night shift Majuro Middle School will soon be the Majuro Night School. The school is losing its old and dilapidated building to the Japan-funded project of improving and expanding facilities at Marshall Isalnds High School. Beginning April 3, Middle School will  move into other MIHS classrooms, operating from 4-8pm, according to Principal Aluka Rakin, who said the teachers will work a 1-8pm schedule.

P10 Big hotel planned in Majuro A 100-150 room hotel is being planned for the Mieco Beach area of Majuro. The government is currently negotiating with potential investors from Hong Kong for a joint venture deal to construct the hotel in time for the South Pacific Forum meeting planned for Majuro in August 1996. 

Journal 3/24/2006

P6 Healthy 67 percent drop in suicides There was a huge drop in the number of recorded suicides in 2005, though the rate of suicides since 2000 is well above the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. Suicides in the RMI hit an all-time high in 2003, with 26 people taking their own lives; 2004 followed with the still high number of 21. But last year, the number dropped to just seven. Majuro showed the most extreme drop, from 20 in 2003 to just two last year. The RMI is averaging 14 suicides per year since 2000, said Michael Jenkins, who heads Ailin Kein Ad Technical Services, Inc. This compares with an average of 9.2 suicides a year in the 1980s and 10.5 per year in the 1990s.

P8 New court judged a winner by VIPs The new double court tennis facility at Long Island Hotel was opened by president Kessai Note earlier this month. It is the only double court tennis facility in Majuro or Ebeye.

P17 Bright new side to atoll of bombs The first Yachties Week at Bikini Atoll ended March 7, the 60th anniversary of the exodus of the Bikinians from their home island. The event was commemorated with a potluck dinner on the beach, as the crews of 12 yachts reflected on the unique history of the atoll and a week of extraordinary diving on the fleet of wrecks in the lagoon.

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