Bigler puts a cap on debt

Journal 3/19/1982

P1 Court to open with swearing in ceremony The Chief Justice of the High Court of the Marshall Islands, John Lanham, is scheduled to be sworn into office on March 19 and officially open the High Court for legal business. There are approximately 100 pending cases from the Trust Territory courts.

P1 Over $400,000 overdue on electricity bills as power returns Delinquent customers of the electric utility service will be disconnected from service beginning on April 1 if they do not pay their bills by that time. This action was announced by Noel Bigler, new secretary of Public Works. Bigler said Majuro customers now owe more than $400,000, and this problem cannot be ignored any longer.

P8 Furniture made here by new firm Billed as “the first furniture store in Majuro,” JE Construction and Manufacturing Co. recently opened for business. There are desks, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, rattan chairs and trunks. Johnny Bucad, the manager, said they also accept custom orders.

Journal 3/18/1994

P1 Eggs are hatched! The new Israeli ambassador to the Marshall Islands, Shmuel Moyal, toured the impressive egg farm operation in Laura that is now 100 percent locally managed after its launching with Israeli aid. “That egg farm project is running very well since Israeli advisor Shaul Eilat left,” said Charles Domnick, Israel’s local honorary consul.

P12 Jaluit High School Honor Roll 12th grade Agnes Smith, Heromey Benjamin, Ebsent Jeik, Miana Luther, Robin Anien, Metalyn Abji, Saburo Lani.

P20 Namdrik youth do it with a song and dance The Namdrik community hadn’t seen anything quite like it before: 29 young people performing the legend of “Lijabkinira,” health skits and songs, slide shows, and island dances in a program that captivated the attention of most of the island’s population until just a few hours before sunrise. “This kind of program is very rare because few young people are involved with health activities,” said Public Health Director Dr. Kennar Briand at the opening of the two-week youth health leadership seminar on Namdrik in mid-February. “The first (outer islands youth) training was held last year on Wotje and we’ve seen the results of that: Many Wotje youth are taking part in health promotion now. The Ministry of Health and Youth to Youth in Health sponsored the training in collaboration with the Honolulu Theater for Youth for the Namdrik community.

Journal 3/18/2005

P2 Albon’s heroic effort to save the Dash-8 A landing gear failure forced an Air Marshall Islands flight carrying the US ambassador a planeload of VIPs to make an emergency landing at Kwajalein Atoll last Thursday night. The nine passengers and three crew, including US Ambassador Greta Morris, landed safely after the pilots made numerous unsuccessful attempts to shake loose the front wheels of the Dash-8. “The pilots did an exceptional job of putting the aircraft down,” said AMI Manager Dan Fitzpatrick. Enewetak Mayor Jackson Ading, who was on the flight, praised AMI chief pilot Captain Albon Jelke, first office Kealoha Clarence and flight attendant Betty Imaikta “for the highly professional way they handled the emergency.”

P4 Soaring cost of food, fuel on Ebeye Food, gas and other products are an average of 25 percent higher on Ebeye than Majuro, according to a report by the RMI Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office.

P8 840 ships sail under RMI flag International Registries Inc, the maritime and corporate administrator of the Marshall Islands, has broken through the 25 million gross ton mark in the first quarter of 2005. The ship registry now has 840 sips and is currently ranked number eight in the world in terms of tonnage.

P21 High drama at the high school Against a shaded backdrop of banana trees, a cast of 23 Marshall Islands High School students and three teachers lit up the stage last week with their rendition of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. After success last year with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dartmouth Professor Andrew Garrod returned to Majuro to direct another top performance.