Bikinian radiation survey

tw-pic-7-22Journal 7/23/1976

P1 The Mink coat Strong charges of racial discrimination were leveled at the US Army command at its top-secret Kwajalein Missile Range as Marshall Islanders testified before a US Congressional subcommittee on Ebeye July 14. Congress of Micronesia Representative Ataji Balos told the US House Subcommittee chaired by Rep. Patsy Mink (Hawaii) that the American Bicentennial was celebrated on Kwajalein by enforcement of a policy of total racial segregation.

P2 Bikini radiation survey set Three US government agencies, sued last year by the people of Bikini, have announced intention to conduct an aerial radiation survey of the northern Marshalls, including Bikini, affected by fallout from hydrogen bomb testing in the 1950s. The results of the survey will help the Bikini people decide whether to return or opt for an alternative. Eighty-two Bikinians now live on Bikini, while over 500 live at Kili Island.

P5 Summer ’76 A team of 21 young men left Majuro Tuesday on the MV Truk Islander to participate in Summer Service ’76 Copra Harvesting Project. They will join 50 Arno youth and supervisors in a work effort to collect copra from land not being harvested. The project is part of the Marshalls Human Development Project, a locally designed approach to social and economic development.

P6 Poem (accompanying photo of vehicle submerged up to its windows in the lagoon with a guy in snorkeling gear next to it) While setting out to launch his boat, Tom Getty thought his car would float. But as the crowd on the beach did throng, they all discovered he was wrong.

Journal 7/26/1991

P1 14 new PCVs sworn in Today (July 24) 14 new Peace Corps Volunteers will be sworn into service among the outer islanders who participated over the past seven weeks in making their recent training one of the most successful to date. Chief Secretary Oscar deBrum, US Ambassador William Bodde and Peace Corps Director Dale Witherington have all flown to Wotje to join the occasion.

P18 Rural sanitation reaches more outer islands Ken Laupepa, manager of the Marshall Islands Rural Sanitation Plan, is aiming for new islands to attack next. He hates flies and is planning a major assault on them at Ailinglaplap and Jabot.

P23 King’s Bakery cake Iroij Kabua Kabua recently celebrated his 81st birthday at Sand Island Beach in Honolulu with Palauan, Marshallese and Hawaiian friends.

Journal 7/28/2000

P5 Commando Ray is back Ray Bandy’s challenge is to make sure when you sit for dinner, it’s first-class food that’s sitting on your plate. Bandy has returned to RRE as retail and grocery operations manager after an absence from Majuro of four years.

P6 RMI women’s team excels In a rematch Saturday at ECC, the RMI girls Outrigger Micronesian Basketball Tournament team did well: they defeated the champion Middle School boys team by nine points.

P17 Rich program for elementary students The Higher Achievement Program run by Father Rich McAuliff at Assumption is in full swing this summer. About 110 students are chosen for the program from elementary schools all over Majuro by their principals. Eighteen volunteer teachers from a range of backgrounds, including Singapore, Fiji, Kiribati and the US, help the kids with reading, English and math.