Bikinians battle Interior

TW-pic-3-3Journal March 7, 1975

P1 Tmetuchl names Mangefel ‘Man of the Year’ Micronesia has a new man of the year — or at least it will have if Palau Senator Roman Tmetuchl has his way. In a recent speech, Tmetuchl said Rep. John Mangefel of Yap should be considered a national hero for Micronesia. The Palau senator, who also nominated Rep. Ataji Balos of the Marshalls for ‘Man of the Year, 1974,’ said Mangefel’s accomplishments during his tenure in Congress include: introduction of a bill to simplify the laws in Micronesia by replacing the Trust Territory Code with the Ten Commandments; introduction of a resolution urging the men of Micronesia to do their best to resolve the sex imbalance of Micronesia’s population; offering a simple solution to the problem of inequities in the present government pay scale by dividing all grant funds equally among all government employees; and suggested that Walt Disney Enterprises and its cartoon characters be retained to straighten out Micronesia.

P3 Minimum wage may be $1.05 An amendment to an administration bill to increase the minimum wage for Trust Territory employees from 61 cents per hour to 80 cents per hour has been approved by the House. The amended proposal increases the minimum wage to $1.05.

P7 Power extension begins Extension of electric power lines from the district center towards Majuro’s new airport began last week.

Journal 3/6/1992

P1 Water shortage Majuro is into its second month of drought brought on by El Niño. Pacific Pure Water was out of water earlier this week, and many Majuro residents are digging wells.

P5 Bikinians battle Interior The off-again, on-again war of words between the Bikinians and the Department of Interior heated up late last week as Interior reversed an earlier decision and put a hold on Bikini funding for 1992. The Bikinians were unrestrained in their anger over the Interior move, with Mayor Tomaki Juda saying the planned scientific meeting on Kili this month and other Bikini cleanup activities would be cancelled.

P12 Majuro businesses wrestle with employment needs Government statistics confirm that unemployment is high in Majuro. But while hundreds will apply for a handful of unskilled jobs in the private sector, few if any will turn out for an abundant supply of skilled positions, say local businessmen. PII’s Jerry Kramer, Gibson’s manager John Smith, and RRE’s Francis Reimers all report that any time they have an unskilled position such as janitor or laborer, the applications for the job are excessive. But it is difficult to find Marshall Islanders skilled in accounting, computers and other management level skills, they said. “We’ve got skilled workers (in the Marshall Islands), but they’re already employed with the government,” said Kramer.

P19 Huge crowd turns out for program The Bukot Nan Jesus Church held its opening ceremony last Saturday in Delap. Lots of people showed up to celebrate completion of the new church. The church was rocking with lively music led by pastor Hense Hensene.

Journal 3/7/2003

P3 Carl joins Dee on bench The Mashall Islands High Court has a new permanent judge. The Nitijela this week approved a resolution naming Carl Ingram as an associate justice and appointed him to a 10-year term. He will join H. Dee Johnson on the bench.

P22 Ismael to US: ‘You owe’ The Marshall Islands marked the 49th anniversary of the Bravo hydrogen bomb test with a parade and speeches. Enewetak Senator Ismael John’s remarks were memorable not only because he was brief and to the point — it took him two minutes to deliver his remarks — but also for his blunt message. John said damage from the US nuclear testing program is not a “four atoll problem…All of the Marshall Islands was affected.” He said the US government owed the Marshall Islands not just compensation.