Fabulous party to close 2020

We can say with assurance from these smiles that the Majuro Block Party last week was a fabulous event. Friendly people, lots of activities, food, music, dancing and more. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


Majuro’s spectacular New Year’s block party proved to be another exhilarating show of brilliance. It combined fun, excitement, activities  for all ages, delicious food, lively music and dancing to wrap up 2020 and launch Majuro into the New Year.

To start, the night market displayed a great deal of visionary work from the business geniuses and the upcoming entrepreneurs of Majuro. Some showcased mouth watering food that was new and never heard of before, while others produced never before seen tools useful for daily life. An example was Misco Market, which went all out producing different kinds of local foods that were absolutely impossible to resist from the fat pigs to pandanus juice: it has everything a local would want and need.

In addition, the atmosphere was lively from start to finish. Which was  backed up with some great musical performances by the Fusion Band which performed next to BOMI, and Bunin No’n Likiej who performed next to AMI, with the always helpful assistance of Power 103.5FM with the sound system. Music was not the only entertainment, some brave people came out and broke the floor with their dance moves that were amusing.

All the booths at the block party had many things to say about their stuff. A carnival area for kids had almost an endless line of kids and young teenagers awaiting to meet the bouncing of a lifetime to the trampolines. The booth that sold cotton candy was flooded by customers trying to get their hands on this rare dessert that is only sold during the block party and other special occasions.

Ennolicious street kitchen had some affordable and tasty food as well, ranging from their three dollar fries to five dollar chili cheese to many more. The miniature lights for kids was another must-buy item during the block party. These were wearable head gear and were carried like a saber.

Even the absence of the fireworks did not dampen the New Year spirit.

Miss Marshall Islands Billma Peter helped lead the countdown for 2021.

The 2020 block party was great, which signifies to us that every end marks a new beginning.


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