Brenson joins RMI Cabinet

New Cabinet Minister Brenson Wase with his wife Antonia following the October 15 swearing in ceremony at the Cabinet. Photo: Giff Johnson.

Minister Brenson Wase took the oath of office last Friday at Cabinet, bringing him back into the the Ministry of Finance — a post in which he has many years previous experience.

Special Assistant to the President Benjamin Kiluwe emceed the swearing in, Rev. Palukne Johnny of the United Church of Christ blessed the undertaking, and High Court Chief Justice Carl Ingram administered the oath with Wase’s wife Antonia holding the Bible.

Over 50 government leaders and family members were there and offered the newly sworn in minister congratulations following the brief ceremony. Wase took the podium for short remarks in which he promised to ensure a high standard of accountability and strengthen financial compliance in the government.