Cache of bullets found

A pack of the Russian-made bullets and box cover discovered in a zipper bag in the small boat channel in Majuro recently. Photos: Hilary Hosia and Giff Johnson.

An unusual discovery was made earlier this month in Majuro: A bag loaded with high-caliber bullets. To be precise, the bag of bullets was found in the small boat channel by the bridge by people swimming in that location.

It was turned over to Majuro Atoll Local Police for further investigation.

The bag containing hundreds of bullets appeared, from its lack of deterioration and working zippers, to have been in the water for only a short time. This led to speculation that it was possibly tossed off the bridge.

The bag was from an Australian firm, AMC Search, which has no apparent connection to the Marshall Islands. The bag also contained boxes indicating that the bullets were of Russian manufacture. The brand name on the boxes is “Wolf,” and the bullets were described as “The Tula Cartridge.”

Other details on the boxes: 308 WIN, copper jacketed, steel case, 150 GR. FMJ, non-corrosive, Berdan Primed. “Made in Russia,” was noted on each box.


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