Canoe highlights opening of RMI mission in Geneva

Marshall Islands Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Doreen deBrum gives canoe builder Binton Daniel a hand with lashing the outrigger canoe that will be a highlight of the official opening of the Marshall Islands Permanent Mission in Geneva. Photo: Alson Kelen.

History is in the making this week in Geneva, Switzerland. The Waan Aelon in Majel team of Director Alson Kelen and canoe builder/trainer Binton Daniel, and assisted by Ailuk Senator Maynard Alfred, reassembled a specially made outrigger canoe by the shore of Lake Geneva earlier this week.

The two-person canoe was built by WAM in Majuro specially for the new RMI Mission to the UN in Geneva, which officially opens this weekend. The plan is to sail it on Lake Geneva this weekend as part of the official opening of the new RMI mission, after which it is to be placed inside the mission. President Hilda Heine and First Gentleman Tommy Kijiner, Jr. left last Friday for Geneva to join in the celebrations for the opening of the mission.

In addition, while in Geneva, President Heine will deliver keynote remarks at the 108th Session of the International Labor Conference. Subsequently, she is scheduled to deliver an official statement to the UN Human Rights Council June 24.

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