Capital a blight on Majuro

The former RMI capital building’s entryway ceiling has caved in, concrete is peeling off rusting rebar, and debris and left over construction materials are scattered about. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


I was on a mission to investigate the former prestigious Marshall Islands capital building that was once used by members of Nitijela and top members of the RMI government not so long ago.

It is rumored to have people living there. This portion of the old capital building on the south side (toward K&K) has been taken away from the government because the land lease expired several years ago.

As I wandered along that vicinity with careful and conscientious observation, it actually didn’t reach my expectation at all, for behold the building was invested with animals and grimy with rubbish. The inside was dark and hard to see. Clearly nobody would have want to live in an abandoned and dirty environment.

I found some local residents who were relaxing and playing music in the place I was observing. They assured me that no one was living there. And they told me that people might mistake some people hanging around there as residents living in that area which they said is not true in their case.

After minutes of inspecting the capital building, it has come to my conclusion that the old chamber that we all knew and loved is now nothing but a pile of rubble compared to what it once was.

It also puts a bad image on our nation’s capital. Unless something is done to refurbish the once-proud capital facility and its environment, that place will remain unclean and unpleasing to see.


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