Cheeseburger heaven on Kili

TW-pic-8-26Journal 9/3/1976

P1 Thinks Lejellan a good subject A study of the life of Marshallese paramount chief Lejellan Kabua will hopefully be the subject of a story intended to be written by an experienced Japanese journalist who is in the Marshalls at present on a tour of several of the outer islands. The journalist, Maeda Tetsuo, represents  the Mainichi Weekly Magazine.

P1 High levels of plutonium alleged in Bikini workers “Significant” doses of plutonium have been discovered in urine samples of construction workers who were employed on the rehabilitation project of Bikini Atoll, according to Peace Corps Volunteer Glenn Alcalay, who has been on Utrik atoll for the past year and a half. Alcalay supports his statement by claiming to be a personal friend of Dr. Konrad Kotrady, a physician formerly employed at the Kwajaelin Missile Range who worked with the Energy Research and Development Administration (formerly Atomic Energy Commission), which has been performing annual physical examinations on Marshallese people exposed to hydrogen bomb radiation in the 1950s. According to Alcalay, Kotrady will be coming out in a formal report on the plutonium issue in the near future.

P2 Going places Assemblies of God ministers Rev. Tony Korab and Rev. Tubal Lang are going places. Rev. Tony is headed to the Far East Advanced School of Theology in the Philippines after competing two years as a minister on Ailuk Atoll. Rev. Tubal is starting a new assignment on Arno Atoll after two years’ work on Aur Atoll.

Journal 8/30/1991

P4 Cheeseburger Island An AMI pilot told us about a strange load he delivered down to Kili Island. “You won’t believe what it was,” he said. So we guessed, and guessed again, then gave up. “Six hundred cheeseburgers.” Now that’s world class. It’s the kind of thing you’d elect to hear from People Magazine about Liz Taylor of Princess Di. Actually, the deal made sense. Like the Kili people were having a party and didn’t want to miss the celebration by having to spend all their time cooking.

P14 Book quotes local people Readers in Majuro are a-tingle as a result of a new book recently made available on the island titled, “The Edge of Paradise,” by PF Kluge. The book is a comprehensive and penetrating view of the islands of Micronesia, and there is a special chapter on Majuro which is sure to interested both the general reader and long-time Micronesiac. Quite a few local people are quoted in the book, and one would suspect that some of them at least possibly wished they weren’t.

Journal 9/1/2000

P7 Shootout at the ECC corral The second annual Ralik Ratak Shootout Basketball Tournament sponsored by Bank of Marshall Islands kicks off next Saturday. Teams will be coming from Ebeye, Enewetak and Kili to compete.  Arno is the defending champion.

P22 Sports minded RMI men’s and women’s teams that won bronze medals in the recent Outrigger Micronesian Basketball Tournament were recognized with contributions for their uniforms by the national government. Acting President Wilfred Kendall presented $400 each to RMI women’s captain Anela Pinho and men’s captain Alber Alik.