Chinese Embassy opens

TW-pic-3-4Journal 3/2/1974

P1 Hadley: ‘America will conquer us’ Representative Sungiwo Hadley of Ponape accused the United States of intentionally failing to develop Micronesia’s economy so that American military interests would be more easily accommodated in the Trusteeship islands. “As proven by the military’s promises to the Mariana Islands in their separate negotiations,” the United States’ strategy has been “to make us more dependent so that we will grab at the first chance of development which comes along,” he said.

P9 Kendall, Olkeriil support ‘loose federation’ The concept of a loose federation of semi-autonomous Micronesian states drew renewed support from Palau and Marshall Islands delegates to the Congress of Micronesia during a Friday session. Marshalls Senator Wilfred Kendall and Palau Representative Timothy Olkeriil both took the floor to advocate a loose federation as the best structure for the future government of Micronesia because in their opinion it is the only way regional cultural diversity and other differences among Micronesia’s six districts can be taken into account.

Journal 3/8/1991

P1 Chief Justice, Nitijela reach accord High Court Chief Justice Philip Bird has resigned effective March 5. The Chief Justice said he quit the High Court “primarily to alleviate the growing constitutional crisis.” On March 5, the Nitijela rescinded Resolution 123 that called for the removal of Bird.

P11 People’s Republic of China opens embassy The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China was publicly opened Thursday. Sicong Gu, the PRC’s Chargé, hosted a dinner in Majuro’s Royal Garden Hotel for leaders in the RMI government, finance and commerce. On January 28, Gu had his credentials accepted by President Amata Kabua.

P24 Students earn pay attending college College of the Marshall Islands is steadily growing in academic status with a greatly improved library and a jump from 51 percent of its students as full timers last semester to 65 percent this semester. Its 12-week Career Exploration program started in August last year with 25 students and with an 80 percent completion rate plus three students finding regular employment in a job they like, it was decided to offer the course again this semester. With funds provided by the Private Industry Council, 30 students were enrolled.

Journal 3/10/2000

P7 MEC mystery outage This week started off as another one of those power outage periods, with electricity tripping off Monday and Tuesday. The brief island-wide outages caused Nitijela to postpone its sessions. Monday’s outage was the result of “unqualified workers” performing work at the new plant for the main contractor, Deutz, according to MEC GM Billy Roberts. The new plant has yet to be accepted by MEC, as Deutz is completing a “punch list” of items that must be completed before it will be turned over to MEC. Working on the punch list Monday, several Deutz workers who aren’t electricians did some electoral work and it tripped off the one running engine in the new plant, which caused an overload, shutting everything off, Roberts said.

P14 Much needed facelift Ministry of Health staff were out in force earlier this month to give the hospital building a good cleaning and sprucing up. The 14-year-old facility has been showing increasing signs of lack of maintenance and environmental wear and tear.