Christmas parade hits high note

The Christmas parade was a hit with with children and adults in Majuro, as this photo shows.Ritok Jack, wife of Majuro Mayor Ladie Jack, hands out candies along the route. Photo: Wilmer Joel.


The annual Christmas parade started from Rita all the day to Laura the Friday before Christmas. Delap children were all excited and couldn’t wait to get free candies. Hundreds of residents on Majuro flocked to the streets with candy bags at the ready. Just as the parade commenced, rain poured down from the heavens. Santa and the decorated floats moved onward regardless tossing out candies to all residents young and old.

Although some of the groups ran out of candies early, other groups were able to continue on and give candies to the children. Many of the children went home with their bags full.

Local businesses, government offices, NGOs, volunteers, and members of the diplomatic corps joined in the parade, including US Ambassador Roxanne Cabral, Taiwan Ambassador Steve Hsia, and Japan Ambassador Kazunari Tanaka, among others.

V7AB’s William Ring and Miss Ebon Ellen Chong-Gum provided commentary and updates on the radio for listeners to follow the progress of the parade.

The parade was sponsored by Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce and Majuro Atoll Local Government. The parade route covered the entire atoll, Rita to Laura.


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