Climate art grabs interest


Participants in the Climate Security Arts Workshop enjoyed creative activities along with the presentations on climate issues. Photo: Wilmer Joel.

As part of RMI National Climate Week, Jo-Jikum in collaboration with United Nations Peacebuilders and the International Office for Migration (IOM), held a Climate Security Arts Workshop for the public in the old library at the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI).

Jo-Jikum’s Director Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and the interns helped manage the event from the beginning to the end of the program. IOM member Arnold Samuel did a presentation on climate security to the audience, majority of whom were students at Marshall Islands High School.

The program didn’t end there. The audience roamed to the three booths that consisted of art talent of Debby Schutz, recycling genius Tanmayee Pathak, and singing sensation Barab Harris and the CMI Nuclear Club Band.

“I pretty much enjoyed this workshop very much,” said MIHS student Goodwin Jack Silk. “I hope they can make more workshops like this in the future.”

After roaming from place to place, it was definite that the audience displayed and made beautiful items that are made from plastic and painting, and accompanied by wonderful music.


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