Climate art dazzles audience

The talent of local musicians, artists and writers was showcased last week at a climate art program at Marshall Islands Resort. Numerous young people — including musicians Timothy Kabua, Carlton Gideon and Kiochy Ongra Agrippa — dazzled the audience. Photo: Wilmer Joel.‬

Wilmer Joel

Just when we thought that the first ever Climate Week had enough activities to highlight issues for the public, a climate art showcase was formed. It was an event hosted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Jo-Jikum at Marshall Islands Resort inside the Lomalo Room.

A line up of talented singers, artists, and poets blew the audience away with their performances. Most of these gifted performers are students in high school and college.

Listed below are the names of all the performers in the climate art showcase who dazzled the audience:

• Tony Kabua performed “Pearly Shells” and “Love At Home”
• Jo-Jikum Director Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner delivered her poem, “To the organizers of this church conference”
• Hovell Dako and Jenson Malamai performed the original song “Climate Change”
• Lilia Jack and Christin Batol performed the original song “Oktak In Mejatoto”
• Debby Schutz read her poem “Aelon Eo Ao Ioon Lometo”
• Kathrene Heneus delivered her poem “More Than Just Islands”
• Melina Riklon performed her poem “1945”
• Dustin Langidrik and the CMI band sang “Ekelok Bao Eo”
• Oronia Kinono offered the poem “You lied oh the pain!”
• Tanmayee Tanu and Anea performed “What A Beautiful Name” and Hosana”
• Barab Harris performed “Ibwijleplep”
• Timothy Kabua and Carlton Gideon sang “Elap Oktak.”

Talent after talent kept building momentum that left us the audience in awe wanting more. Around the room were displays of outstanding artwork made by students who were part of the art seminar program hosted by Jo-Jikum and Ministry of Health.


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